No code for Black Friday deal received

I’m a brand new customer and just opted for the Black Friday deal of a free Cam3 with subscription to CamPlus. This deal expires today, Dec 15. The instructions for this deal are to purchase the Can Plus subscription and wait for a code to be sent by email. Then take that code and use it when ordering the actual Camera, the Cam3.

So, I buy the CamPlus, pay for it and receive an invoice for the payment but no code ever comes in email. Further, the invoice is dated Dec 16, tomorrow, which is a day after the deal ends.

So, since I am a new customer, I do not currently own any Wyze cameras I can use Cam Plus on. I paid $23 for the CamPlus, which is supposed to include a free Cam3. Otherwise that is an inflated price to pay for a CamPlus subscription.

Here I am with no code, no camera and out the money I just paid for CamPlus. Not only that, I have no license number for the CamPlus subscription either.

I received the welcme email when I created an account. I received a confirmation email when I submitted a help ticket, but no code email - it’s not that the emails are bouncing.

Am I missing something?


Can people see my post? Asking because it is feint, as if it is being held back from the forum?