Credit card needed to activate my CamPlus

I am so frustrated. I bought the V3 Cam with a year of CamPlus, but I can’t activate it without using a credit card. Support basically said ‘Sorry, can’t help you’ - I asked for a refund - ‘Nope’. I feel like I’ve been a victim of fraud, because I know they’ll auto-renew the subscription. I’m tempted to send everything back, but in the meantime I’ll be filing a complaint with whatever agencies I need do.


Welcome to the forums! Did you get a code for it? Did Support send you a ticket number after you interaction with them? Have you gone to Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code and tried to redeem the code, if you got one? Are you talking about the camplus popup for the trial/camplus info screen when you install a new camera is where you need the CC #?

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I got the code, tried to redeem it and it asks for a credit card. I’ve already purchased the subscription and I also have a ticket number from support. The support person said that I cannot redeem my code without inputting a credit card.