Cam plus bundle for year - still needs credit card to work for year I prepaid?

So I just received my cam 3 bundle cameras. Also just received a digital code for my prepaid one year of cam plus.

I’m trying to activate it right now and it is asking for a credit card.

Someone please tell me that even though I have purchased and paid for the bundle and prepaid for the coming year of service that I can’t even activate the year I paid for unless I add another credit card?

Or am I misunderstanding something on the website? See it won’t let me advance to the next step without inputting a card.


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I got the email with the code and I was able to activate without entering any information. The challenge I’m running into is applying the subscription to the camera while it’s in the 14 day trial period. I’ll probably just wait for the trial to lapse then apply it to my camera.


Hmmm…ok let me log out and log back in to see if that does anything.

Open the app and go to account > services. You will see CamPlus and CamPlus free trial at the bottom.

Go to CamPlus free trial and uncheck the box to the camera using the free trial. Now go to CamPlus and activate your yearly subscription. Or, you can do like you mentioned and let it expire then activate the year subscription.

I hope this helps.



Thank you for taking the time on the step by step.

I must be the odd-ball out…on the phone app in my services section it only says Cam Plus…then options for both pilot programs…if I click Cam Plus , it showing as active trial license.

When I sign I account on the actual website. It says to use your services sign in and use the app.

So hopefully after the 14 days it kicks in like normal?

I tired checking the box to remove the trial with out any luck so I will wait 12 more days. I do have the new license, just can’t apply it to the V3 yet that is running the trial version.

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