DEALS - Flash sales, discounts, specials, etc

On the Wyze Discord Server, we have a channel that is dedicated to people sharing deals, flash sales, specials, etc. But here in the forums it seems like there are dozens of different threads about every new special price. I figured I’d start a thread that isn’t about a single temporary deal, but that we could post to about any really good sale/deal/discount without needing a new thread each time. Some people might even want to “watch” the thread to make sure they don’t miss any posts about new deals that pop up.

To start this thread off, check out this CRAZY price I just got a Wyze Floodlight Pro for!!!

$59.98 - Wyze Floodlight Pro

That was on the TikTok Shop. Apparently, Wyze has it discounted down to $99.98, and then TikTok is doing a special Early Black Friday deal that gives $20 off automatically (if you go to the general store then Today’s Deals, then scroll until you see the Wyze Floodlight Pro…you can’t go to the Wyze profile then shop or it won’t show you the TikTok Today’s Deals discount). Then some people can get another 30% off coupon (up to $20 off an item $30 or more).
So I got it for:
$99.98 = Wyze shop price
-$20 = TikTok “Today’s Deals” shop price
-$20 = 30% off up to $20 off coupon


That’s INSANE for a Floodlight Pro! Early BlackFriday sale! I don’t know how long it will last, but I bought 2 (the second one didn’t get the 30% coupon).

You could also get a single Mesh Router for $40

Look, someone got a 2-pack for $55.39

Some people could get a Pan v3 for $13.99!

Note: Jimmy tried using a NEW TikTok account and it offered the Floodlight Pro for $34.99!!!

That’s a complete no-brainer!


  • You can’t go to the Wyze Profile and click Shop, or it won’t show you the Early Black Friday deal. You need to go to the General Shop area (should show up the word “shop” at the top of the home screen, at least that’s where it is for me…in between “Following” and “For You”)
  • Don’t forget to look for the extra $30% off coupon (not everyone will get this, but lots of people do)

I thought other people would appreciate the heads-up. Sorry if some of you see it late.


I already had 4 Floodlight Pros. I just bought 2 more. Now I’m up to 6 :rofl: These things are so awesome!

Now I have to buy 2 more junction boxes and extension cords so I can mount these where there aren’t existing wires. :slight_smile: (Thank you Life Hackster for showing me how to install floodlight cameras with an extension cord so I can do it anywhere!


Look at this, someone got a a Black Wyze cam V3 for $13.99

He said he made a new TikTok account to get the new account discount coupon in addition to the other discounts on it.

That’s a steal of a deal


WOW. It does certainly seem like TickTack is getting all the love. Wyze must be focusing on that younger demographic with all the disposable income.


Yea, I asked @carverofchoice about that. He indicated that the Wyze price is the Wyze Price, but TikTok is adding additional discounts on items as well.

SMH, don’t have an account and not planning on creating one.


Yeah, Jimmy Told me that Wyze basically gives the same prices on the Wyze Website and TikTok, but TikTok is giving extra discounts, presumably to incentivize people to get used to buying through their store. I think TikTok is taking a loss to draw in more buyers so they can get a larger foothold. You know, kind of like how other businesses do something similar all the time. Walmart will take a big loss for a while to bankrupt nearby stores, then put their prices back up, or Uber has always taken a loss in the hopes of making all the competition fail, so they maintain a near monopoly. I don’t think TikTok will ever be a monopoly in the same way, but I think they are doing something similar in taking some big losses to entice people to start shopping through them.

One business I was involved in, had an app platform, and if we could get a user to shop on it at all just TWICE, then we had something like a 98% retention rate on all SAAS, and stuff for continued purchasing, etc. So, we would do a lot of things to get people to try it out at least 2 separate occasions and profits went through the roof. I think this is a similar strategy.

It’s okay to take losses for a while as an investment into drawing more businesses to join their shop and more customers to use it.

It’s working for me…I’ll take a $59 FLPro if TikTok’s going to eat the loss for it and Wyze still gets paid in full. Twist my arm. :joy:

But yeah, point is, don’t blame Wyze for having good deals on TikTok, Wyze isn’t giving TikTok Preference in cheaper prices in this case. They’re doing the SAME prices, but TikTok is throwing away free money of their own to make it cheaper. At least that’s how it’s been explained to me.

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Check out Temu. You can generally find items a little cheaper including Wyze products.

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Oh wow! I didn’t even realize Temu had Wyze related stuff at all.

Word of caution to users, use the browser/website for Temu…they’re involved in a class-action lawsuit right now for allegedly using the app to collect data they aren’t supposed to:

The complaint contends that Temu’s in-app browser incorporates a JavaScript code with the explicit purpose of monitoring every aspect of users’ website activity, effectively amassing highly private information and data about its users through covert tracking of their interactions with third-party websites.

And not all of it is cheaper…like this Wyze Cam OG on black Friday sale for $40 :joy:


They do have some cool accessories for Wyze products like wall mounts, silicone covers, etc.


That is why everything is so cheap. All their capital is earned thru selling user data.

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Wow! I ordered today (after midnight), and they already delivered to me same day! I just got my 2 Floodlight Pros, same day.

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Lucky! I ordered mine after midnight too but it’s still showing as " order placed" when I check the status. The estimated delivery is between Nov 2-9 :sob:

I ordered my first FLP through the TikTok shop too but that one came 2 days after I placed my order.

I know! You ordered BEFORE me!

I wonder what the difference is. I am guessing they just used their Amazon Warehouse for fulfillment for mine. Maybe there’s another Wyze warehouse around here. IDK. It’s weird yours would take longer.

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Though, I will say that I ordered some other stuff at the same time, and the other stuff wasn’t delivered today, just the Wyze stuff. So I guess every merchant on TikTok does their own thing, and TikTok is just acting as the Matchmaker middleman.

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JimmyFromWyze posted this on Discord:

Also to clarify why the deal is on TikTok:


TikTok is throwing away their own money to draw in more users. It’s understandable if anyone wants to avoid that, I am just posting it for those who ARE interested as I thought some of the people here might appreciate it.

Wyze Cordless Stick Vacuum 20kPa for Carpet, Hard Floors and Pet Hair -

$88 (55.78% off) on

(normal price = $199 = $111 off)

Note: This is the S model!


Any deals on Cam Plus Annual OTW? I had a code to take $5 off last year and had a free year on the 2nd cam. Fine with $30 for 2 cameras, but $40 for 2 is just…meh.

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From an order confirmation, Thu morning 4/4 sale :

You’ll get a shipping confirmation and tracking number soon!

What means ‘soon’? Purchased through Wyze (not Buy with Prime.) Standard free shipping. West coast.

I believe the estimated delivery time when ordering was 5-7 days.

Nothing beyond order confirmation at Account > My Orders > Order details (website.)