This company is a bunch of lowlifes

They tried to scam me on another apps store. It was listed for $8.99, and I placed an order. I canceled the order so I could buy 2 instead of 1. As soon as I cancelled it, the [Mod Edit] camera jumped way up in price. And I mean immediately when I cancelled! [Mod Edit] Now I’ll go spend that money on something literally anything else. I hope this company fails miserably. Good luck with those data breaches too! Haha losers

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Wait, are you saying you tried to buy a Wyze camera on a site that wasn’t the Wyze website? What do you mean by another apps store?

I can’t say with 100% confidence, but I can probably answer your question with reasonable confidence. OP is most likely talking about the TikTok store.

TikTok has been trying to create their own matchmaker business platform (matchmaker business models are all the rage nowadays), similar to Amazon, where companies can list their own things for sale there, and customers can buy from them.

So, what happens, is you place an order from Wyze through the TikTok app. TikTok processes the payment, but everything besides the payment basically goes through Wyze directly (Wyze ships it from their warehouse, etc…TikTok doesn’t actually touch the merchandise, they’re just a matchmaker).

So, here is why people are buying Wyze stuff on TikTok, instead of through Wyze directly:

Wyze is still usually selling stuff on there for roughly the same price as they list on their website or other places like Amazon. The difference is that, even though Wyze lists it for roughly the same price, TikTok is throwing money at people. Like an insane amount of money. For example, the Floodlight Pro is normally $150, right? Well, Wyze put it on sale down to $99 around Wyze Week to celebrate their anniversary. But then TikTok dropped it another $20 all on their own, so it got down to $79. THEN as an early BlackFriday coupon, they gave a coupon code for another 30% off up to $20 off. So I got a Floodlight pro for just $59. Some people with new accounts got one for around $34…a $150 Floolight Pro for $34!!! It’s a steal of a deal! Wyze was still selling them for $99, but TikTok was throwing away money at people on their own. It had nothing to do with Wyze, but we could get Wyze stuff for insane prices.

Now recently, for early Black Friday, TikTok is still doing similar stuff. For example, the Pan V3 is normally $33.99, but TikTok is throwing away money at customers to convince them to shop with them. So, people have been able to buy new Wyze Cam Pan V3’s for as low as $8.99!!! I believe that price is a promotion primarily for first-time buyers with the extra stacked first-time buy coupon code. Others can get it for at least $18.74, which is still half price, maybe cheaper if it qualifies for some of the other coupons going on right now, but at least no more than $18.74 as a starting price. That’s still AMAZING for a Pan camera.

Here’s Jimmy talking about the potential $8.99 targeted TikTok deal on Discord:

So, what seems to have happened here, is OP used up their first purchase coupon code from TikTok (which had NOTHING to do with Wyze), then canceled their order, and expected they’d get to use the one-time coupon again because in a sense they didn’t keep their first purchase. TikTok appears to say the records show they already used up their extra coupon and can’t do so again. So now OP is angry at Wyze for something that had absolutely NOTHING to do with Wyze. :man_shrugging: Wyze is selling the Cam Pan at $33.99 right now. TikTok is dropping the price down to $18.74 to convince people to use them, then giving some new people extra discounts on top of that to get it down to $8.99. This price was fully honored, but OP canceled it, and now blames Wyze for it all, when they should be talking to TikTok since Wyze had nothing to do with any of it. It’s just a misunderstanding with how things work and trying to retaliate against a company that isn’t actually even involved at all with the thing they are mad about (the price change). Wyze is selling the camera at $33.99. Everything after that is a discussion to have with TikTok, not Wyze. Wyze didn’t lower the price, and Wyze didn’t cancel their order and Wyze didn’t raise the price either. None of those things had anything to do with Wyze. IMO, OP’s complaint is with TikTok Customer Service. They can try to talk to TikTok support and point out what they were trying to do and ask if they’ll make an exception because they misunderstood that a one-time use coupon from TikTok was involved.


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Care to share which 3rd party reseller was increasing the price like that? Sounds like a complaint for that 3rd party reseller site. I can’t really get upset with Wyze when I buy a Cam from Home Depot and the price changes at Home Depot because it isn’t on sale anymore.



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