Flash Sale 3/22/2022

Am I crazy or was there a flash sale today? I got an email about the spring sale at 2pm central time and saw that there was going to be flash sales but they were happening before I even got my email. I’m kinda suffering from FOMO so I just want to know what the sales were. I don’t see anything on the forums or on the website or even in the app. Did this happen to anyone else? I mean I didn’t even get a chance at the sales so I least tell me what I missed out on! :stuck_out_tongue::sob:

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Yes there was. Go to the App, select Shop and you should see the list:

  • Wyze Buds $29.99
  • Wyze Headphones $59.99
  • Wyze Doorbell v1 + Chime $43.99
  • Wyze Handheld Vacuum $34.99
  • Wyze Car $59.99
  • Wyze Sprinkley $49.99
  • Wyze Night Light $14.99

There were also some Cam Plus options.

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Great! Those are the sales, what about the flash sale that was supposed to be happening at 10 am pt. That was supposed to be 80%. I got my email after they happened and I just want to know what they were!

Beats me. I wasn’t all that interested in buying more useless gadget stuff that rarely works as it supposed to so I didn’t click thru. They can’t get the core tech right so they have to push all the ancillary bling.

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