Warehouse Sale 8/16 - 8/26/2022

Hey, friends. Hope you’ve had a great summer! Can’t believe how fast it’s come and gone, can you? Instead of squeezing in one last lake trip, we’re saying farewell to summer the only way we know how - with a sizzling warehouse sales event on wyze.com!


When does this bogo deal show up in the checkout process? Gotten to payment twice without any sign I was not buying two full price items.

Sorry for my delay in responding, I just tried and it shows in my cart as Wyze Buds being free, can I ask how you are putting them in, individually or off the sale page?

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I put them in individually. One thing that occurred to me does this offer cover all earbuds or just the basic earbuds?

I think its just the basic earbuds.

It only applies to the basic buds, the Wyze Buds.


Is there away to upgrade to the buds pro version?
Essentially pay the difference of $28

How long is this sale going on for ?

The one I posted here ended on the 19th, they may have other sales going on though.

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I think it got extended to the 26th. I got a text message about it yesterday:


(though the previous text I got said it expired on the 19th)

and the terms site also indicates it’s now the 16th-26th:


Looks like it was extended and today is the last day, will update the title.


My question is: Can I upgrade to the buds pro version of the ear buds for this warehouse special? I will pay the difference in the price which would be about $28


Ron Nowak

I am sorry but as far as I am aware that is not something we can do.

Ok, thank you


Ron Nowak

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