Wyze Week 2022 - Community Appreciation Day - COUPON DROP

It’s the final day of Wyze Week, Community Appreciation Day. This one’s all about you and since you love free stuff…

Listen to our special LIVE event today on Discord! We’re giving away TONS of Wyze Cam v3 Pros, Cam v3s, Bulbs, and gift cards to celebrate Wyze Community Day!

Discord | #WyzeWeek2022

We will also be dropping different coupons in all the communities at 12:00 PT, so keep your eyes out for those.! :eyes:


Here’s your chance to celebrate me, Jason. Go ahead. Emote. :wink:


How can we NOT celebrate you!! :frog:


Aww, thanks! I knew you cared. :hugs:

I doubt this’ll ever fly, but the corporation should just send product randomly to known active customers at a known active address once in a while.

Surprise! We appreciate your business and here’s a little something to show it.

Gift it if you’ve already got it or don’t need it! Spread the love!

Your friends at Wyze


I would be on board with that idea, I don’t know if i have enough pull for that though lol.


this weeks sales were good, but the flat shipping rate really made smaller purchases less appealing. Maybe if for these deal weeks (or in general) if there was an option to delay shipment of all purchased items til the end of the week or month, to ship all recent purchases at once for one shipping charge (unless you met $150+ in that period). Plus less waste vs multiple shipments.


I will send that feedback up to the team for when we plan something like this again.


Where is the coupon for the doorbell pro?

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Gee, hunting all over for a $20 discount, what fun.
What’s the Vanna-White-arm reference? Anybody?

Not sure what you’re even talking about. Is there a $20 code too? Are you here just to be crappy or is that just the only way you can feel good about your own self?

I agree with TechJunkie. $150 seemed a bit steep. The deals were a bit clunky to navigate. For example they have the shop option on the app so I went on there but the Headphone/Earbud deal was not on it.
A lot of hoops to jump through just to give someone some money.


It’s undignified. See ‘free love’ comment above. :wink:

OTOH, many probably consider it ‘play’ so I should STFU. :grin:

I agree, I bought one light switch at home depot to make sure the product was good. Now I plan on buying multi switches and at least 2 cameras but the shipping is a bit steep.

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Hello, forum friends! :grinning:

:tada:We have our first of two coupon code drops for Community Appreciation Day!! :tada:

Enjoy 15% off the Wyze Lock or Wyze Lock Bolt

Use Coupon Code
Good until 4:00PM PT

Come back at 4:00 PM PT and see what our next one is… :clock4: :eyes:


There are 7 things that are supposed to have codes. You only gave us a code for one of them. Will we get 6 other codes at 4:00 pm Pacific time?

The other things are scattered through other communities, if you tell me what you are looking for I can narrow down where to look.

Hi Jason, I am looking for the $20 coupon for the air purifier.
Can you help?
(The wyzeweek page says join a community to get the coupon.)