Sale price?

I noticed that Wyze is having a bogo sale on their floodlight pro and floodlight V2 but the price seems to be $100 more than the regular floodlight pro?


Looks like Wyze is offering deals to compete with Amazon Prime Days coming up. Here are more Wyze discounted products.

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Yeah, it doesn’t show up as clearly in the app. Here is how it is clarified by the Website:

Basically, you’re seeing the original price, but if you choose Buy with Prime, then it gives you the discount. It says “OR” on the bottom (of the app version) to show you the discounted version if you choose buy with prime.

@WyzeVeronica I thought you might like seeing that the app makes your special sale a little confusing/less-clear (see the first post).


I appreciate the feedback and it’s something we’re trying to fix. Unfortunately making changes to the app is a much bigger task than changes on our website. I am very sorry to anyone who was/is confused by this :pray: I’ll try though.


Hey @carverofchoice @ashtonwalky @StevenA. This isn’t perfect, but I figured out a way to show a single small “Buy with Prime” banner in the app shop’s product page. Is this helpful in your opinion? If you think this will help others, I’ll make changes to the other items that are exclusive Prime deals. :slight_smile:


I think that helps! That makes it more similar to the Website. How hard would it be to add a little down arrow on the right side of that banner like this:

Maybe something like this symbol:

Thanks for listening, buddy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That definitely helps clear things up!

I will note that the cart page is showing an incorrect price


Yeah I just was looking at this tonight and was going to post something. But the more I look it seems something is off as a whole.

Like for the mesh it says 50% off with Amazon prime, but when you add it, it still has the full price.


Seems like someone pushed the advertise button but forgot to hit the discount button :grimacing:


It’s definitely on sale. Unfortunately, the Buy with Prime checkout doesn’t apply the discount until checkout – that’s when you see the discounts applied. We’ve shared feedback with their team and will continue to push since there is confusion over this.

You can see the sale price much easier from their site. Buy with Prime Shopper Hub


Based on your screenshot, that looks like you’re checking out with the native cart and not the blue Buy with Prime button. If you click on the Buy with Prime button and get to checkout, you’ll see the discount applied before submitting the order.