What's up with their Black Friday/Cyber Monday prices?

So I decided to give Wyze another try and hope the Cam 3 gives me better luck than I’ve been having with the V2s and Cam Plus. They sent me an email advertising their BF/CM deals so I go to their website and it shows the V3 on sale for $26.99 down from the regular price of $29.99.

I add it to the cart, go to the checkout page and it shows “order with Prime” as one of the options. I buy a lot through Amazon so I selected that. Suddenly the price jumps to $32.99 which is higher than even their regular price.

What gives? Is this wrong or is there some kind of “market adjustment” or something when you order from Prime? If so, does it mention that anywhere or is this a case of borderline deceptive marketing? If their Amazon price is going to be higher than even their regular price, why don’t they state that clearly before you select the Prime option and are then hit with an extra $6 just because?

Sorry but unless it states this somewhere and I just missed it, they can keep their camera and I’ll keep my $27 or $33.

The question remains, why are you posting this here? This is a user-to-user forum, not affiliated with Wyze (except they are hosting the site) and not affiliated with Amazon in any way. You might have better luck if you contacted Wyze or Amazon directly. Wish I could help you out…

I posted the question here because this is a Wyze forum. I was hoping someone might have some insight into this. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who has encountered this, right?

And when I try to contact Wyze, all I can find is a chatbot. As for Amazon, good luck getting anyone who can help with this since the pricing is controlled by Wyze.

Hopefully that answered your question.

Here is some similar chat about this.

And more importantly, happy forumaversary! :slight_smile: :beers:

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So if I were to buy it directly from the Wyze site at $26.99 I would be charged $5.99 shipping?

Ya know…if they cared to explain this before you click on “Prime” and are then surprised with a seemingly magical price jump of $6, it would avoid a lot of confusion.

Even though Amazon offers “Free Two Day Shipping with Prime,” the cost of the shipping in included and hidden in the price. That’s what you are seeing if you order with the Amazon Prime option. In fact, you may also see, “Available at other sellers, potentially without Amazon Prime,” stated… and the price is cheaper.

But this was not through the Amazon site, it was directly from Wyze’s website. At checkout you can click a button that says Prime and it will place the order through Amazon but you remain on the Wyze website.

Actually, it is an acceptable post because WYZE sets the shipping cost and product cost for its storefront on Amazon. Amazon does not control the item cost or the cost of shipping. You don’t think Amazon absorbs the shipping cost, do you? I use Amazon for WYZE purchases because shipping is faster and so are the inevitable returns due to failures and bricking with no questions asked.

I totally agree with you and hear you loud and clear. However, the question remains: “How are we supposed to help the OP?” Hence, the question he/she posted remains moot. To quote Joey from Friends sitcom, “it’s cow’s opinion”. :rofl:

Another example, I have an issue with TP-Link Kasa plugs. You don’t see me wailing about it here. I take it up with Kasa forums/support.

A. We don’t know
B. Prime includes shipping and is faster
C. Wyze charges you for shipping separately.
D. All the above.

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@habib this is a forum where people discuss various aspects of Wyze products. Purchasing those products is a common topic of discussion. I asked a simple question. I did not ask for someone to call Wyze and Amazon on my behalf. If you don’t have anything to add to the conversation, why even join it?


How wonderful! If only support COULD help One submits logs and they disappear into the abyss. There is no need for you to talk to someone in such a condescending tone when they are obviously frustrated. One of the options for help is to seek out the forums and that’s exactly what the gentleman did. God forbid if someone does not know where to post properly or asks a question that YOU believe is “whining” or improper. Perhaps if more customers “whined,” at least some of the issues that have been languishing for ages will be finally prioritized and “fixed,” in lieu of yet putting out other items that have technical issues as well. I’m tired of their firmware updates causing havoc with my system. I no longer take their word that the update is necessary only to see the forum filled with people frustrated that their equipment suddenly became paperweights. As an Amazon merchant, let me assure you that WYZE… not Amazon, sets the shipping prices, shipping, and terms. Amazon merely handles the product listing and order fulfillment by keeping stock on hand and handling returns…for a hefty fee. If the prices on Amazon were not adjusted for the recent Wyze sale, then it’s the fault of Wyze and not Amazon. When you select the PRIME option on the Wyze storefront, the information is relayed to Amazon, which calculates the price based upon their most current pricing information from Wyze and arrives at the total cost and shipping price, (if any), grand total. That is then merely transferred to the waiting customer to finalize the order. This is a great forum to question that debacle. One can only hope you will approve, I suppose.

I hear you brother/sister, but once again how are we supposed to help you? I don’t have the means or the power to do so. So your question is moot.

I’d like to think that I just gave him the information he sought, so his question was addressed and not summarily dismissed…

I don’t think I did. I just pointed out that this type of question on the forum will get him nowhere. Wrong-place-wrong-time.

I’m sorry if I came to strong, but the question asked has nothing to do with forums, it has EVERYTHING to do with SALES. Again, wrong place to ask the question. Take it with Wyze (not support) but sales.

Same here, but I complain to Wyze, not to the forum members.

Exactly my point, way beyond any of forum member’s raech.

Who’s being condescending now!?

I apologize for my last statement. I was frustrated and I was completely out of line.

@habib Sure you do. It was explained that the Prime price includes shipping but the price shown on the Wyze store does not. See how simple that was?

So, while you may not have had the desire or knowledge to answer my question, someone here did. Obviously you just felt like being snarky.

Again, this is a DISCUSSION forum. We were having a discussion. Not sure what you find so difficult to understand about that.

And as for anyone being condescending, the response kansascitygreek gave you was well deserved and IMO, overly polite. Had I given you the reply I thought you deserved from me, I would have probably been banned from this forum. :unamused:

No you were not out of line, You just took your frustrations at a wrong place. If you are to contact Wyze, I’m sure they’ll help you out. I’ve had really good experience with them when was the time to replace my camera.

If all questions about Wyze products should be addressed ONLY to Wyze directly, why exactly are you even posting on a user forum rather than contacting Wyze directly whenever you feel like chatting about their products?