What's up with their Black Friday/Cyber Monday prices?

No, that wasn’t simple at all. Might have been if the OP asked Wyze that question.

I guess you don’t know what a DISCUSSION FORUM means. We discuss things, we don’t ask for miracles .

Wow… that tells me a lot about yourself.

I’ll add one thing here. Going to Wyze with this question would have gotten the poster nowhere. Decisions such as pricing, available units, and the handling of returns, exchanges, refunds and yes, even Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are strictly proprietary and would not be shared with any employees at the customer service level. That is privy to the “higher ups.” This does give an unintentional insight however, into the scam of Prime “free two day delivery.” You can clearly see that you are indeed paying for shipping using Prime, despite it being a deciding factor for many to purchase a yearly Prime Membership for $136.00. It’s rather obvious that you pay for the delivery when you merely compare the price on the Wyze website for a delivered camera and contrast that with the exact same camera using Amazon Prime and their ‘Prime free two day shipping” in this case when that is selected. In theory, the Prime purchased camera should be less costly because, as a Prime Member, shipping should be free. Of course, it is not. (Feel free to share this post as you do wish. I hate customers being deceived by a non-existent “benefit” that they pay dearly for and do not receive.)

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When I am on this forum or any other forum for that matter I ask questions that I know I’ll get an answer, either positive or negative. If the answer has anything to do with users, I don’t ask.

Bravo! This is exactly why I replied to the OP. Nothing me or you can do about it.

Nope, it wouldn’t have gone anywhere. But by asking here I got the answer very quickly. Despite posters like you.

What miracle did I ask for? And if I did happen to ask for a miracle, wouldn’t you say I got it? Again, the answer to my question was very simple and didn’t necessitate a snarky and condescending series of replies from you.

Good. Hopefully it will tell you enough to not be so snarky when replying to my posts. And your posts tell me that you must be a blast at parties!

I don’t know why you replied but for the second time, I was not asking anyone to contact Wyze or Amazon on my behalf. Why do you keep repeating this? Someone was kind enough to offer an explanation, which is all that was needed. We didn’t need your condescending snark then, and we definitely don’t need a continuation of it.

Looks like i have a difficulty getting my point across. Let’s make it simple: did you get your camera at advertised price?

The advertised price of $27 or the advertised price of $33? Either way, no. I did not order the camera. After reading some of the recent posts it looks like a lot of people are having a lot more problems with them. I have enough headaches with the 7 Wyze cams I already have. I would like a couple more cams but their lack of clarity in pricing and the additional headaches more cams would bring me encouraged me to wait until I’m in a better mood…

So what was the point of starting this post? Venting at Wyze? You just wasted time, something that you’ll never get back

The point of starting this thread was made abundantly clear in the very first post. What is it that has you confused?

BTW, I’m sure you would have had a snarky reply regardless of whether I had or hadn’t bought it, so what was YOUR point in asking whether I finally bought it, other than trolling?