Why are Wyze Prime items more expensive?

Anyone able to explain this? Wyze prime items are $5.99 more expensive. Which just so happens to be the cost of Wyze shipping normally.

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An analysis of Amazon product pricing I did a long time ago (hope it is still valid) is Amazon always rolls shipping into their normal pricing. So with Prime, I assume that is just for expedited shipping?

Additionally, keep in mind that Amazon takes out fees from the seller for using their platform. Therefore, even if there was no added shipping, the prices may have to go up slightly to account for for the extra percentage that Amazon takes for listing it on their website…it depends on the product category, but most Amazon fees are between 8% and 15%…so…that extra 8%-15% has to be paid somehow.

For a company like Wyze that is historically dealing with single digit profit margins, are very low cost products in high volume, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room there, and it would not surprise me if the Amazon prices were generally more expensive than selling directly from their website. Although, they leverage another partner for their website store, I don’t know the difference between how much Amazon charges for their services vs the website partner, but it would not surprise me if that is why Amazon prices are regularly slightly more even if “Prime” covered some of the shipping…there are still extra fees for the privilege to list anything on Amazon at all.