Price Error of Wyze Cam Floodlight v2

Hi Wyze Team,
There is a price error shown on the product page of Wyze Cam Floodlight v2. I was impressed by the “Gear Up for Spring” promo via an email sent to my inbox, and it indicates the price of this product is 99.98. However, on its product page it’s still shown as 128.99.

Pls check and correct. Thanks!

FYI Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 – Wyze Labs, Inc. (Canada)

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FYI @WyzeVeronica

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Hello @lugordon.

Let me investigate what happened. I suspect that our Canada site had an issue when it came to closing out this sale. The product should have still be on sale for $99.98 if you checked before midnight yesterday. Could you send me a DM with any details that you might have? Include the estimated time that you checked the site (and your timezone) if you remember – it can be a rough guess. I’ll take care of this. :grin:

Thank you!


Hi Veronica,

Thanks for your positive response. The issue was observed right after I received the promo email yesterday, and I did take screenshots when I planned to report it.

As a new register, however, looks like I was not allowed to upload and attach more than 1 attachment in my post. Let me attach them in multiple posts below.

And the right corner of each screenshot include the timestamp. It’s ET time.



Thank you! This was extremely helpful.

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