Requested refund and Floodlight Cam stopped working

I recently had 2 Wyze Pro v3s, and wanted to add an additional Floodlight - all was working well until I saw Wyze charged me for 2 Cams at $5.99, and 3 Cams at $8.99. So I requested a refund of the $15 (I could not de-bundle the 2 cams charge), and it was granted.

But now my floodlight won’t connect in the app - like it was disabled? It has a gray cloud icon next to it. I haven’t changed anything and its been working for the week I installed it. I submitted a ticket to support, but shouldn’t I be able to at least see live video? Also they all have SSDs in them.

I really don’t want to remove and re-add it, as I’m embarrassed by the loud voice “READY TO PAIR” it blares in its speakers for my neighbors to hear…really does it need to be THAT loud?

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Gville! :raising_hand_man:

Have you done a complete power cycle on the floodlight?

Floodlight V1 or Pro?

Have you attempted a new setup on the device?

Have you power cycled your router?

What firmware version on the cam, app version, OS version and model phone?