Flood light cam V3. It shows a code7

tech support could not fix the problem and would’nt work on the solution and said they would send me the solution by email in 3 to 5 BD. When I asken if there was any tech support in the usa that I could talk to I was told no. I have been slowly been working through these issue on my own but they only seem to change. is there any USA tech support that i could call PLEASE HELP. I have one more Flood light came setting on my work bench and has been for about two month now and may never leave. It now seems the code 7 is gone but it keeps trying to accuss the SD card when there is no SD card.

Welcome to the community @kbracken63 . I am a Community Volunteer and try to help whenever possible. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your flood light. Can you provide some information:

  • What have you tried to date?
  • What iOS OS Version are you on?
  • What iOS Wyze App version are you on?
  • If possible, did you do any Firmware updates prior to the failure? If so, which one?

1-Well the first question wyze would never tell me to do, but it curd most of my problems. I had a 128gb SD card in the floodlight cam. It seem like it was always getting hug up on it so I pulled it out. And purchased the WYZE cloud based storage system and most of my problems cleard right up.
3-WYZE Firmware / Firmware for floodlight
When I try to do updates I’m always told I’m up to date.
4-No I don’t think so.
what I don’t understand is even though I don’t have an SD card in the floodlight anylonger why does it still try to access the card.
5-And does WYZE have USA based phone techs? I would like to be able to call and work through problems on the phone. the personal touch is very important to me.