Wyze Cam v3 Now Available! - 10/27/20

Congratulations, Wyze team, this looks like a hit.

FWIW, as a fan and vocal critic both, I’d happily pay a bit more for the vastly improved v3. There’s a contingent of us who won’t jump on subscriptions.

On shipping, please set something up so we don’t have to place 2 or more different orders if we need a dozen or more. The packaging, resources, etc, is excessive in this day and age.

Do you get the 3 second clip in events that give the fail to upload error? I mean I have it even on my Wyze beta app and yet it seems like this issue is not being resolved, no matter how many logs I send from either the beta app or the public release app on my iphone.

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No I have had the same issues with AT&T Uverse (DSL) as well as Spectrum and Spectrum Business, my son has the issues with Google Fibre as well and my Dad with a DSL provider I can’t remember the name of.

The caveat there is finding someone else who has had consistent problems with the V2 staying connected and seeing if their experience improves…I would imagine most of what you see here will come from people like my saying they work fine, which doesn’t really count since my V2’s have also been working fine.

Ok. I was just wondering before I called to scream at Spectrum. Just curious why they can’t at least fix the fail to upload errors or the missing fragment errors first before releasing a new product that may still have the same errors. At the very least allow us to upload locally instead of AWS (which being Amazon explains a lot of the problem). This way if I’m uploading locally and have issues then I can truthfully say its my end. I just get annoyed when this issue is brushed off like were at fault.

This is a great idea, and a good opportunity to offer a bulk discount - even if they grouped by tens - at the very least it should save in shipping cost.

I was going to create a wishlist item for this, but a quick search found a topic that is close enough - follow link to vote: Let us buy more than 7 at one time from the Wyze website

unfortunately in that thread Wyze says they do this to prevent resellers taking advantage and they aren’t likely to change - which i don’t understand, if you set the price point to you still make money then who cares if they are reseller?

Originally I upgraded my router and that seemed to make a huge difference. But I apparently just did not wait long enough.

As to it being a manufacturing issue, yes it sure could be I suppose. I honestly do not know. I can say that the only other device that I ever had issues with was a Ring Doorbell V2. Since replacing that with a Eufy Doorbell (The battery powered one) I have not had a single issue with anything except Wyze devices.

Changing ISP’s, modems, even method of delivery DSL => Fiber for Spectrum (Coax for the last 180 feet). Plus another brand new router. I think I can safely rule out my network.

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There are plenty of reports in these Forums of people having the same issue with their V2’s, Pan’s, Wyze Sense etc.

So I don’t think I will have any issues finding others like me but also have the V3. Ought to be interesting for sure. :blush:

while true there are others with your issues…what if they are all thinking the same thing you are? Then there would be a bunch of people checking everyday to see if anyone who had their issues made the leap to purchase the V3, and then came back to report that it is working…most people only go to places like this if there is a problem, wouldn’t surprise me to see someone who had issues and bought a V3 that worked, and they never came back, lol.

Have you signed up to be a beta tester? The link is below for hardware and software, the more info you fill out (network hardware, isp, phones/os version, ect.) the greater the chance you will be selected.

Yes I have but I’m waiting, as usual, on someone to approve me to the Facebook group. Otherwise I have no idea how to report issues that I find. I haven’t been approved yet for hardware but I do have the beta Android version of the app

I would sign up again, they now aren’t running it through the facebook group - thankfully, facebook is horrible all around.

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I did, this morning. I was just talking about where to post the errors for the app. Don’t know where to post that. But still not hearing about the hardware. And I’ve been back and forth with customer service for 3 days on the fail to upload as well as 3 second clips and no resolution. It was the rep this morning that recommended signing up for beta so I can see what’s going on. But while I am in the beta app I see no change in the resolution of the errors that cam plus has.

I suppose that could be possible. But I am sure there will be plenty of new customers that only have a V3. If the issue is indeed something with Wyze then we will continue to see reports from people having issues. So I am sure we will hear about it if the issue remains.

The V2 cameras (daily scheduled reboot) and the lock have been quite reliable for me. The WCO works well for me also. Wyze sense is the trickiest product for me that took the most trial an error to get working reliably but currently that is working fine as well. I’m almost always running beta firmware on everything and sometimes new firmware introduces some issues but I’ve always been able to roll back to a more stable firmware if necessary.

It’s a problem however you choose to look at it. If there’s no response from support due to an overload of tickets there’s a problem with the product. If there aren’t a lot of tickets and support doesn’t respond then it’s a problem with support. Neither is a good scenario.

I care for an ill 97 year old mother and so I’m home constantly. I also don’t make enough pension and so therefore I need to supplement my pension by doing gpt sites and survey sites. Which takes time away from me keeping an eye on my mother or the outside of the house for prowlers, etc. So I rely on these cams as well as the events from the cams indoors and outdoors so I can carry on and make money so we can eat and stay alive. However when I have to sit here and spend 18 hours a day with Customer Service trying to fix an issue I am not a happy camper. As I stated I have nowhere to submit logs on errors that I find and so I’m sitting here spinning my wheels. I started having the fail to upload errors last week as soon as I subbed to Cam Plus (again). I have had issues back in the CMC days and now this, But given the circumstances I need more than 12 second clips. I don’t need just 5 seconds that cause errors and inability to watch with a return of these errors. When an agent says to contact them at such and such time, why do they then not respond? Is the V3 really that much better that if I buy it the fail to upload errors will magically go away? If not I can’t justify buying it if I still am not able to view the events. It’s pretty cumbersome scrolling through the SD card and if I’m paying for Cam Plus I do kind of expect it to work? I don’t know. Maybe I’m weird that way but I like for things that I pay for to work. The cams in and of themselves work great. It’s just the cloud storage and events that I"m having issues with. Someone tell me that the V3s will magically fix the 3 second errors.

How is the microSD placed in the V3? Is there a cover over the slot to protect from the weather? Can’t tell from the website pics. Thanks

It is in the same position as it is on the V2 (on the underside of the camera), but it has a rubber seal over it. The setup button is to the right, also in the same location as the V2. The setup button is also covered with flexible rubber.

Great, but why are Canadians excluded from all pre-orders??

Very disappointing.