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I have received notification that 47 mm watch is available . When trying to order there is no option to choose other country then USA . Needles to say i can not procced with ordering . I am in Canada . I have tried different browsers and OSs with no luck . So my opinion is that issue is with WYZE website . What can be done so i can place order , should i try to order via phone ?

Welcome to the forums! This is in the works. Here are some info links.

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Thanks guys , signed up . However i must say this is really silly. We are talking Canada here , USAs friend and biggest trading partner . Also this notice is from 31/1/2021 it has been few months already , do you not want me to spend my money on you ?
Hope to be shopping soon ! :slight_smile: :grin:


Mavens and Mods are not Wyze employees, but volunteer users such as your self and help out here in the forums. I know Wyze doesn’t sell directly to Canada yet, but there are stores (home depot, amazon) that sell Wyze products north of the border. The watch is new so may not be widely sold yet, but hopefully soon.

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