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Hi All,

I received and email from WYZE about the new watch and scale. Im from canada and start to fill out the form but clearly the form only allows USA ONLY. Why?

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Hi @HFXDronePilot. Currently, Wyze only sells direct from their website to the USA. Please see the below Support Article.

Also, this #roadmap topic may interest you.

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I’ve already bought a wyze camera off that’s not my problem. I’m responding to an email
Wyze sent me saying I could pre-order the new smart watch and scale. When I tried it only allows USA only orders. My whole point is why push email advertisement to customers that are not in the USA and can’t order it.

doubt the email list is geographically filtered

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@minionsweb is correct. We apologize for the frustration and understand where you’re coming from. We originally expected to have Canadian shipping by now but it has been more tricky than we thought at first. We haven’t given up on it and, last I heard, we were continuing to make progress. However, current events may lead to that being paused.

Thank You for that info WyzeGwendolyn…Love your products and prices and would of loved to get my hands on the watch and scale when available for us canadiens :slight_smile:


Steve Bellefontaine

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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That goes without saying

You’re welcome for the information, Steve. We hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about this. :slight_smile:

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