New scale and watch for Canadians

I was wondering when the scale and watch will be available in Canada.


Technically the cameras aren’t even availsble in Canada so theres no way to know about other Wyze products.

We have the cameras in Canada.

Nancy Dellosso

Amazon Canada is selling Wyze cameras against Wyze’s wishes. According to Wyze.
We (Canadians) have no Wyze warranty.

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Unfortunately, at this time, is correct. Here are some statements from Wyze on the support pages.

International Shipping

Shipping is only available within the United States and Puerto Rico. We are not able to ship to other U.S. territories and military bases at this time. If you are based in US territories and military bases, you can purchase Wyze products on and they should be available to ship to you through them. We hope to expand outside the U.S. in the future, but we don’t have a timeline for when that will be available.

There is a current #roadmap topic where Wyze is looking into shipping to Canada and Mexico.

We are use to paying more for everything on Canada. The warranty is still good.

If you are buying from Amazon Canada there is NO warranty from Wyse because the devices are not being sold by an authorised dealer.
we’ve got 30 days through Amazon.

I’m willing to take my chances. Wyze directed me to Amazon to purchase the cameras.

Nancy Dellosso

I am willing to take the chance too. I have 8 cameras. Just wanted to be sure you and others don’t expect Wyze to warranty them.
I know Wyze has directed people to buy from Amazon Canada while saying that Amazon Canada is doing it behind Wyze’s back.

We really don’t pay much more for the cameras than we would if Wyze sold durectly to us. They are $20 + $5 shipping In the US. That’s $35.85 CDN today. They are $39.99 on Amazon today.

Now I want the scale and fitness tracker. So I wait.

Nancy Dellosso

I see Amazon has the plugs now and we’ve had the sensor kit for a while.
We don’t have the door lock yet so the band and scale could be a while.

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Update for Canadians from Wyze support : While we do not currently ship internationally, we do have good news regarding shipping to Canada. We finally signed with a Canadian warehousing and logistics partner recently. This took longer than expected since we weren’t able to visit on-site due to COVID-19 and contract reviews. We will begin the onboarding and integration process soon but won’t be able to have an exact date until a little later in 2021.

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Thanks for heads up. I would like to order the new wyze watch. You think I will be able to get it.

I hope so. I’m a newly interested to Wyze products and looking forward to be able to purchase their products here.