Amazon Pay not working

I have been trying to make payment for products with Amazon pay but it doesn’t work. I keep getting the error message “UNFORTUNATELY IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO USE AMAZON PAY FOR THIS ORDER, PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER PAYMENT METHOD.” I have tried the credit card option but it doesn’t also work. The only option I haven’t tried yet is Paypal which I can’t use because I have no Paypal account. Please is there any other way I can make payment for my products?

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Hi @Osas and welcome to the community. Are you tring this from outside USA?

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Yes I am. I’m presently out of the US.

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Don’t know if status has changed, maybe @Loki has an update from last Spring.

Here is a link to VOTE for sales outside USA :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually have a US address and delivering these items within USA. I can’t just make payments through Amazon Pay or using my debit card. I don’t know if anybody else is experiencing these same issues lately.