When will the WyzeCam Pan be available in Canada?

Hi Wyze,

When will the WyzeCam Pan be available for shipping to Canada? Are you planning to put it up on amazon.ca like you did with the original WyzeCam? The amazon.com store won’t ship the WyzeCam Pan to Canada. :frowning:


I second this question :wink:

Can someone from Wyze Labs please respond to my question? It’s been nearly an entire month since I originally asked!

Wondering the same thing…


How come WyzeLabs are super responsive to easy questions, yet seem to completely ignore anything they aren’t sure about?

A quick “we’re working on it” response would be good to let us know they’re looking into it.

I bought a V2 on Amazon.ca for $37 and I’m going to order a few more…

Yeah, I already have a bunch of V2’s. I wanted to get a WyzeCam Pan now, but WyzeLabs is completely ignoring me about when it will be available in Canada. So much for their “incredibly responsive” customer service. Last time I ever purchase any Wyze products.


Same question. When will the WyzeCam Pan be available for purchase in Canada. Either from the Wyzecam site, or from Amazon.ca

You’re killing me.
Now my app is delivering the message telling me how WyzeCam Pan has Alexa support.
Please, if you’re not going to sell it in Canada, stop telling me about it.

Hey guys! Sorry we are not as responsive on the forum, it is always much easier to get a response from us through phone or email to our support channel.

Amazon.ca is not an authorized seller of the Wyze Cam v1, v2, or Pan camera. The reasoning for that is because at this time we are unable to support our warranty outside of the contiguous United States.

For that reason, I would not have any information on if or when Amazon.ca will carry the Pan camera.

We are striving towards being able to release our products internationally, but at this time we are still unavailable to. We don’t currently have an update or timeline as to when they will be available internationally.

Good to know! Thank you for finally responding.

If Amazon.ca isn’t an authorized seller of Wyze Cam v2, how are they getting this product? Doesn’t this concern you that someone else is selling your product through Amazon to your end consumers, but made to look as though it’s a legit transaction?

justplainlawr raises a very good point. I was certain the seller “Wyze Labs” on Amazon.ca was, indeed, Wyze Labs. However, I’ve since been told that that is NOT the Wyze Labs that runs this website and manufactures Wyze Cams. This seriously worries me.

It is Amazon.com sending product to Amazon.ca to sell through there. They have been told they are not authorized to do so and I believe that is why they aren’t selling the Pan there, I am not certain though.

Amazon.com can certainly be confusing as to who it is getting sold by, it will link us under the product because we made the product, the trick is looking who it is shipped and sold by. I get caught up in that confusion all the time!

We will do the best we can to support our products no matter where they are, we are always available in our support channels for help, but we just can’t ship any warranty replacements or otherwise to an address outside of the contiguous US. We do have a lot of users who use delivery forwarding or have a US address we can ship to, and we do our best to work with them to get them taken care of. =)

If you need a physical presence in Canada, I’ll help you.

I’ve got two of your cameras, and they’re excellent.

I’d love to help other Canadians purchase Wyze Cams. There’s only 14 million households in Canada.

Yes. I’m serious.

Big News! It’s now in Canada! Just bought mine on Amazon.ca!!


Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera Night Vision 2-Way Audio Amazon.ca