Slow Respose from Wyze Cam

I paid in full for a Wyze Cam on June 24.

Shipped June 26, but despite a delivery date of 6/30, no box as of 7/5.

Not exactly out in the sticks, I’m in Manhattan, NYC

Is 2 weeks normal for the “UPS Innovations” approach to shipping where UPS delivers to the USPS, and USPS does the last mile?

I’d love to try a Wyze Cam, but when I asked about the status of the order, and why it was a full week late, I got a shrug and a complete lack of concern from Wyze customer support… this does not bode well.



What does the tracking say on both UPS and USPS sites? Is it possible it was delivered and stolen?

UPS claims to have delivered to USPS on the 26th of June, but USPS claims to have not gotten it until July 3rd.

As USPS scans are authoritative, I would tend to believe USPS more than UPS.

But the larger question is - Why should anyone pay for shipping when it seems to be a casual “We will get to it when we feel like it” service?



I have not personally seen something like this. For me, UPS and USPS tracking have been pretty much in agreement (although slow). A week discrepancy is pretty ridiculous. At least it looks like they found it and you should get it today or tomorrow.

In another thread, Wyze has indicated that they are re-evaluating their shipping method, so hopefully they will find something cost effective and speedier.

I use No issues here

“As USPS scans are authoritative”

I don’t believe they are .

Delivery dates are estimates

you have to track your order through UPS Innovations

Orders from Wyze take 7 to 8 days to Mi and your further than I am

Don’t forget , you can’t count Sundays, or the 4th of July holiday.

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