Shipping - summer slowdown? Poor tracking?

So I gave a V2 to my BIL. He liked it. Wants a pan.
So I ordered 4 pan cams Saturday,
This showed up

Monday 27th of May 2019, 07:52pm

Your Order 50xxxx has shipped on 2019-05-28 via UPS Mail Innovations. Tracking ID 926129999165185434xxxxxxxxx

Great, shipped on the 28th. Checked the tracking number - 28th, 29th, 30th, today (31st)

Tracking Number: 9261299991651854340ccccccccccccc


USPS Currently Awaiting Package

A status update is not yet available for your package. It will be available when the shipper provides an update or the package is delivered to USPS. Check back soon.

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USPS Currently Awaiting Package

How long does it take from cutting the shipping label and saying it is shipped until it gets to the post office?

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I had something similar happen the last time I ordered. In my case, the original tracking number was never shipped. Instead I received a second tracking number that had my order. Support never did figure it out, I had to tell them I received my order under a second tracking number.

UPS Mail Innovations doesn’t get a very good rep here.

Good luck.

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That’s just the way it is with that kind of shipping, It’s not a fault of wyze .
Don’t expect to get any updates About the shipping until it gets to your local area

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Buy from Amazon. Never had any problems with shipping, returns are easy, factor in shipping costs and Prime rebates and price is same or better.
Wyze is experiencing severe growing pains. Reflected in service in several areas.

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This has happened to me a few times. I contacted Wyze and explained exactly why it takes 4 weeks for their package to reach me. I like Wyze products so much I wanted to buy direct cos I figured they would make a little bit more profit that way.

UPS actually ship via USPS. They must bulk-package all their smaller packages and basically they mail it to themselves using USPS, then deliver it from the local depot to you. If you happen to live in Hawaii, you will know that USPS ship their economy parcels by boat (yes, by boat) from Richmond Ca to Honolulu Hi, then from Honolulu to the island where I live by barge. The voyage takes 3 weeks.

Even though I suggested they just send their packages using USPS Priority (or even first class), it happened again the next time I bought things from them. I’m just gonna get my stuff elsewhere.

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We’re sorry to hear about your experience, cas.vanderwoude. I know that we’re working on ways to improve our shipping but I’m admittedly not very savvy about shipping to Hawaii. I just know that it can take longer and be less convenient. I hope that we’ll be able to improve your shipping soon. :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna disagree with you Gwendolyn, although I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

This is a shipping issue and it is UPS that was at fault the first time, not Wyze. The first time this happened, I talked with Kayla by email and she was was really helpful. Actually, she sent out my order again via Fedex and it arrived 2 days later which was really nice of her… That response was over-kill on their part and they asked me to keep the 2 extra cameras they sent. So up until then, Wyze did a terrific job getting their product to me.

At the time, I suggested that Wyze should use USPS priority mail (even first class) because their shipping time is 4 days (priority) or 7 days (first class) to Hawaii while UPS is at least 4 weeks. These services are cheaper than the UPS service used by Wyze.

I figured Wyze would change to USPS for Hawaii sales as soon as they learned about the dreadful delays caused by UPS. Wyze did not do this and used UPS again, which I think was a bit dumb. For that, Wyze is to blame.

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Thank you for the added detail!

I know that we were looking into USPS a while back but there were reasons that we didn’t go that route at that point. We are working on adding more shipping options for different cases but I have also learned that we can’t just rush into changes like that (though I don’t have access to all of the variables we’re trying to balance).

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Since I started this thread back in May 31st I’ve had a lot more experience with Wyze /UPS/USPS shipping.
I would place most of the blame on USPS, I’ve had Wyze stuff get to Memphis (within 100 miles of my address in Fulton, MS) only to turn around and go back to Seattle for a weekend.