Please cancel my order... been 11 days

Please cancel this order # 001758300

I ordered it on April 10th
and so far (11 days later), a label has been created
USPS has yet to receive this package
I should have had it by now as your website says 5-7 business days

I post here because I doubt support will get back to me so just in case anyone from Wayze reads.

I cannot wait forever to protect my loved ones!

Thanks. Lee

Hi, Lee!

I apologize but I don’t have access to that system. Only support would be able to process this.

However, your order has probably already shipped but ran into the tracking number issue. I would recommend sending in a support ticket for next steps.

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I sent email to

Is that the correct address to email?
Do they check email daily?

Also had it shipped. USPS would have sent me txt
Please nudge support and ask them to cancel/refund

Many thanks and stay safe,

USPS package tracking is an absolute @#$%& joke. Trust it about as far as you can throw a mail delivery truck.
I can’t tell you how many times I have received packages via USPS that the package tracking still shows that the current status is that the label has been created. I currently have two packages pending that were both actually shipped middle of last week (almost a week ago). One shows that it was received by USPS today, and the other STILL shows label created.
By comparison, either UPS or Fedex package tracking is generally almost up to the second. I can sign for a package at the door, and by the time I can walk 10 feet to my computer and check, it will show that it was deliver, and who signed for it.


Thx. I already bought a camera. As I couldn’t wait any longer.

[Mod edit] With Covid-19, be happy that they’re still processing orders. Besides, if your actual reason for placing an order in the first place is to protect your family, you aren’t going to do better than waiting patiently for your Wyze products. [Mod edit]

My two cents.

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I must be a patient guy. I waited 30 days for my toilet paper to arrive. :grinning: :toilet:


Others companies actually pick up the phone to talk to customers, even when they are not yet customers
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If my product was not to arrive between 4-7 days
Then it should say so… “ due to pandemic, your order may be delayed…

But yes I bought one from Home Depot
And the company that picks up phone is…
Oh. I placed order from euphy too for their pan. Tilt.
Looks promising

BTW. I like the Waze. But app needs Serious help!!

Just my $0.02

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What’s worth more ? A roll of toilet paper
Or your V2

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The Wyze cam is more readily available but isn’t too absorbent.

I’d go with Toilet Paper.


First off usps is not to blame
WYZE shipping dept are very very slow even in NON covid19 days. So MOD dont try that B.S. and second MOD is that any way to respond… “so be glad…” next time people just use amazon price is same after tou factor in the riduculous shipping wyze. I have not had a single issue even with COVID 19 packes are showing up faster now than before at that. also wyze app does suck the cameras have major loading issues and wyze keeps sticking the fingers into too many products without fixing the problems first and wheres the smartthings support? Still nothing yet? Smh…


Same deal down here in Texas. Placed my order on 04/08, shows as being packaged on 04/09 and shipped on 04/14 with a USPS tracking number. As of this morning, I have the EXACT same status that it has not been delivered to the USPS for tracking. 14 days after the order has been accepted and I do not have any status on my order or shipment. I understand that the volume may be high to fulfil orders but to get no updates is highly disappointing.

Thanks, Jerry

If I remember correctly, I received my camera kit before tracking was updated on the USPS site. It was annoying, but I got it. After that experience, I purchased all my later (7) Wyze cameras through Amazon.

I’m amazed at the entitled attitude. Everyone is on lock down. People are losing their jobs and wondering how they are going to make their next mortgage payment. Some are wondering how they are going to feed their kids. This character wants his camera now. Smh


Also has very sharp edges.


No. The company is Wyze not Support so you could try:


Use the form on this web page.


yes, that’s what i meant to say is where email was sent

Emailing directly goes to an unmonitored inbox since it isn’t sorted properly. I’d recommend using the link. It goes to the same place but is much more effective. I apologize for spacing on typing it in!

Wyze Customer Support

By the way, we also have a phone number you can use.



To other folks that are having trouble with shipping, tracking, and the app, we apologize and I’m sharing your feedback with the team.


USPS is a joke. I prefer UPS. When anything is sent by Surepost by UPS, I pay $3.50 to upgrade delivery.

I’ve never had an issue with shipping through USPS, but then again maybe it’s because I have a Post Office Box. Don’t think that should really change anything though. Maybe the Postal Service just sucks in your area.