Another Wyze/Usps shipping fiasco

Finally asked for and got authority for a replacement V3 (Thanks Wyze Customer Support!) to be shipped to Fulton, MS from Seattle, Wa.
Tracking (abbreviated):
February 11, 2021, 9:30 pm
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
[skip a bunch]
February 13, 2021, 9:15 am
Departed USPS Regional Facility
[skip a bunch]
March 1, 2021, 7:24 pm
Arrived at USPS Origin Facility
KENT, WA 98035
Your item arrived at our KENT, WA 98035 origin facility on March 1, 2021 at 7:24 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

So that’s 17 days to travel from Seattle to Kent. And still nowhere near Fulton, MS.

They need a better shipper!

I think it’s part of a public/private conspiracy to keep Jeff Bezos the richest being in the universe. Apparently no one else is capable of delivering a package roughly on time.

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Very simple, follow the statements by the Postmaster General. He intends to cripple the USPS to force privatization, The sooner he is replaced, the better

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I had a similar problem, but as bad as yours though. My shipment was stuck in Seattle for almost two weeks, however, I attribute the delay as caused by the major winter storm a few weeks ago because I live near Dallas, TX where we had all sorts of problems for a week.

Oh yeah, that guy. :frowning:

But Lawrence expressed concern about DeJoy’s forthcoming “strategic plan” to get the USPS through this difficult stretch. Though the postmaster general has not revealed specifics, he testified on Wednesday that he will propose cuts to delivery standards, including the standard that local mail be delivered within two days.

Wyze has always shipped FEDEX to me…

Yes, Wyze shipping is very bad. I always get notification of an item being shipped, but USPS reads shipping label created for well over 2 weeks before any further movement is noted. I would assume it is the 3rd party shipper who has the issue.

Lol, nothing to do with Wyze. Post office is bonkers, fedex and UPs tend to be too expensive for small things. Their shipping department probably print label as they prepare your box, then need to wait for next USPS pickup and receive at local post office to show movement. USPS batch processing of mail can take a day or 2 to show up, longer if shipped on fridays . The fact that Wyze provides a shipping confirmation with all the info right away is extremely helpful.

Of course it does. They choose to use the lowest of the low in shipping, FedEx SmartPost. There are many forum threads complaining about it.

That’s their mantra, lowest cost, including shipping cost. Post office is the one delivering.

So what? The point is that they knowingly use a bad shipping method. Thus “nothing to do with Wyze” wasn’t accurate. That was the only bone I was picking.

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Add me to the list of unhappy with Wyze shipping. My first order is now taking more than 2 weeks to arrive. No tracking updates in the last 4 days. Customer support says they won’t consider it lost until 5 days go by without updates. SmartPost is the worst of the bad and Wyze is absolutely responsible for choosing them. They don’t even offer expedited shipping for the customers who need this faster. And the kicker - they start the subscription period from the time you place the order, not when you activate the devices… Let’s say the first impression of Wyze policies is quite terrible…

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Wyze is a ripoff company now…you used to get a great product for cheap price…now they are all about money. I have bought 8 cameras from them. I just ordered 2 more and forgot to add a spotlight to the order…I called them to add it, they SAID I would have to order separately, but they would put it in the same box as the cameras…when I told them I’m trying to avoid a $4 dollar shipping charge, since it is in the same box, I was told I would be charged an extra $4 ANYWAY because of the weight… a spotlight is about 2 by 1 inch and weighs .03oz, if that much…they lied and said that the delivery company charges that much…THIS IS A LIE!!! … ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS AN EXCUSE TO FLEECE THEIR CUSTOMERS…I used to brag about their great product to everyone…NOT NOW… THIS IS A SIGN OF BAD THINGS TO COME… it’s about what ever they can rip their customers off for…New company does everything right until they become BIG… then they start the same practices as everyone else…LIE,CHEAT and STEAL…DO NOT BY THERE PRODUCT!!!

I am also waiting on a delivery from wyze for 2 v3 cams. They said they shipped them on March 23,2021 and as of today 4/21/2021 I still have not received the package. Fedex said Wyze chose to use this new FEDEX SMARTPOST so far the package has been all over the United States. Too bad I can’t turn the cam on so it can show me where it’s been. I can’t believe this I get a text from fedex everyday telling me that today is the day I am going to receive it and I don’t get it. I have tried to contact wyze and all they did was send me my tracking number. WHAT ARE THEY CRAZY. I was a good customer of wyze supporting many of there products. I wanted to order more but now with this kind of service. I don’t know if I will order from wyze again.

Unfortunately, if Wyze has turned them over to Fedex it is now out of their control. Personally, I haven’t had any issues, yet. But with so many people having problems maybe they should switch to UPS

I’m in the same boat. Shipped on March 23, 2021 and as of today 4/28/2021 it’s still ping ponging between the same three hubs.

The last couple of weeks tracking will say delivery by end of day Wednesday… that comes and goes and then flips to Pending as the package returns to whatever hub it was at the week before. Then the process starts all over again.


After sending countless number of emails to Wyze that I still have not received my cameras that where shipped on March 23, 2021. Finally today 4/2/2021 I got an email from Wyze telling me the package is LOST and they will be shipping new cams out to me. Let’s see how long this takes. I suggest anyone else having this problem just keep sending emails to Wyze someone will get back to you eventually

Sorry update to above post.
Package shipped on March 23, 2021. And today 4/28/2021 recd email from Wyze saying package lost.