Covid Test Kits

I ordered the COVID 19 test kit on Jan 3rd 2022 and as of March 17th 2022 it is still showing “Shipping Label Created”. I tried to post a review and they deleted it. No way to get a refund. VERY POOR DECISION WYZE. I have 10 various cameras, two doorbells, and cam plus service. I’ll be replacing all of this with another brand (I just have to do my research so I don’t get screwed again). Let me know this was a mistake or something and make it right and all’s forgiven. I really want to like you guys but this was just WRONG!

Welcome to the community @bobgemail . Sorry to hear you are having an issue.

I would reach out to Wyze directly, here is the contact info:

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Welcome to the Wyze forum @bobgemail.

Note that this is a user to user forum. Not sure if you are looking for a platform to vent of if you are looking for Wyze support,

If looking for support you can reach out to Wyze here

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Contact your credit card provider and charge it back. This is egregious, screwing with people’s health concerns. 2+ months, this is beyond bad faith. I’m convinced that Wyze uses the “Shipping Label Created” excuse to avoid refunds - it’s a fragment of a bogus piece of “evidence” that they attempted to ship and it’s BS. Wyze is an ambitious young company with absolutely no wisdom, making terrible business decisions aggressively.