Terrible service - I'm done with Wyze - Don't order Covid tests

I am done with Wyze. I was so impressed when I bought my first cameras. It has been down hill since then. All my Wyze Sense devices broke. The thermostat proved they should not be in the controls business. Now my Covid test kit is marked shipped and it obviously is not. Just the label has been created. That’s the final straw. They are selling something they don’t have.

Very sad. I no longer recommend Wyze anything to my friends. Only to my enemies.


Well… I’m sure that Wyze’s valuation just took a hit with you giving up on them - which is sad but certainly your prerogative. It’s also unclear what happened with your prior products all breaking but in general the hardware side seems to be a pretty good quality especially at the price point. The network and the firmware are still, in many cases, a work in progress.
As for your order not being shipped, I myself had an order that was pretty similar. It showed a label created and nothing else. I reached out to Wyze and before they responded the package status was updated to “on vehicle for delivery”. It arrived later in the day. Obviously YMMV. Have a great day.

I hear your pain on that. Of my total 7 Wyze hardware devices only 1 is still functioning, the remaining 6 all malfunctioned at a hardware level. I’m pretty sure the one remaining will be ‘broken’ as soon as I apply the forced app update (and I assume the F/W will have to be updated to work with the ‘new and improved’ app).

The issue with covid-tests has nothing to do with Wyze. Those tests are ordered through a third party company. Wyze doesn’t receive anything for these orders.

Every company in the world has the same issues with Covid tests. There’s such an extreme demand for them that no one has them anymore. Not even the US government can get them

Wyze needs to separate themselves from these lousy third party service providers. It makes Wyze look bad and drives customers away. In my case, I ordered covid tests over two weeks ago. The tracking number was issued soon after, but still hasn’t left Seattle. Ugh…

They have been out of stock before Christmas

Then that’s even more stupid of them. Send out a sales blast right after Christmas to buy them knowing they didn’t have stock? Then give buyers tracking numbers for packages that don’t exist? Ridiculous.

We bought ours locally at wall greens

I’ve been waiting since I ordered 12/22/2021 for two tests. Order one test a day after and that shipped and came before. Still waiting for the tests with no information on when they will ship. I’ve contacted wyze and they have no information and can’t refund my money.

If I don’t receive them by the 22nd I will reach out to my credit card company, and BBB. I will never buy anything from them again.

I understand that they don’t have control over the shipping of the tests. They do have control about selling them from their website. If you can’t get the tests out to people then you need to pull the item from the site. Stop taking peoples money for items that will never ship.

We went to our local CVS and got ours,I would never buy any medical supplies from wyze…

LOL… at the time of ordering, none of the local stores had self tests in stock, Walgreens or CVS or grocery stores.

Same thing happened to me and i knew right off the bat i wasn`t the only one. They pretty much sold more tests than they have and telling same lies to everyone that the order got lost in warehouse. Contact them and pretty sure they will tell you the same lie.

I get that supplies are limited and demand is high. And I get that Wyze is using a third party provider. But I have a problem with my credit card being charged immediately, when it was clear there was no possibility that the product was going to ship. And what’s with sending out an email with a tracking number that isn’t valid? That happened one day after my order was placed. Its now been two weeks beyond that and when I called this morning I was told i could expect an update in another two weeks. I’ll wait those two weeks, but if there’s not satisfactory resolution, I will dispute the charge with my credit card.

Never buy medical supplies from them bad move

I agree that is bad business to send out email with tracking number on test kits that have never shipped. I am beyond disappointed. I thought Wyze was a company you could trust. I am going to dispute my chargers on credit card and not purchase any more Wyze products. Terrible customer service and not honest is a bad combination. I have five test kits that shipped according to Wyze on Jan 5th and no tracking information is available.

This whole “shipped” order status with no product to ship seems like a very shady and borderline fraudulent business practice. We have spent a lot of money on Wyze products and encouraged several other homeowners in our subdivision to purchase Wyze products. I don’t think that we can, in good conscience, continue to recommend this company when it’s clear that all they care about is the money grab.

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I too have been waiting for my Covid test since being ordered and paid for on 1/2/22. I have a tracking number which does not show any active tracking status. Of course, Wyze has it marked as “shipped”. So ridiculous and very disappointing! I have a family member who applied for the free government issued tests last week and they have already received them !!! This really makes Wyze covid tests seem like a scam!

That’s uncalled for,I picked up a free test kits at our local CVS,my insurance payed for,it was fast and easy,test was negative

Delays in shipping because product is back-ordered is understandable, but what is inexcusable is the response I just received when calling and speaking with an agent. Like many, I ordered Covid tests in December and although my order status has said “shipped” for weeks, I’ve not received them. After trying unsuccessfully to find a live chat option, I resorted to calling the customer service number. I waited for for about 15 minutes before reaching an agent. I asked about the status of my order and was out on hold for 10 minutes. He returned to the line and told me they couldn’t give me a tracking number on my order but because of delays he didn’t think it had shipped. I asked to have my order cancelled (and original payment refunded) to which he said that they were not allowed to cancel orders. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he literally told me that they got a letter saying that supervisors were not willing to take any calls about order delays. At this point I said a little more insistently that I wanted to speak to a supervisor or someone else - he then asked me to hold and promptly the call was disconnected.

So- my bad for ordering Covid tests from a company that sells camera and light bulbs but based on what I now know of this company…I WOULD NOT TRUST THEM FOR ANY BUSINESS TRANSACTION! Unfortunately, I don’t think this post is public…but I plan to find as many public places as possible to post a BUYER BEWARE!

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