WYZE Dropped the ball on Covid Tests- Label created- Never shipped

Ordered tests next day label created, waited 15 days still no movement. Contacted the customer service was told it was lost. I knew i wasnt the only one. There are so many out there they did not receive the tests after label was created. WYZE dropped the ball big time on this and now making me question to keep buying their products anymore. If you cant handle it, don`t try it.

I’m in the same boat. I just received a Wyze Labs email asking my thoughts on the iHealth Kits…they haven’t even shipped yet!

According to the tracking number it just says “ready to go”. Not trying to sound like a negative person but this is really disappointing. Let alone trying to find a support email address so I can ask about the status.

You can chat with them online on support page. Pretty sure they will cook you the same exact story. They simply couldn`t handle it.

Pretty much the same story I got, except I was told they would ship beginning of this week. Still no movement.