Bogus Covid Test Shipping Dates - Buyer Beware

I ordered 2 covid tests 22 December and received notification with tracking that they were shipped on the 23 and would be received on 29 December. Tracking never showed anything other than the label was printed. The 29 December delivery date disappeared. Still shows that the USPS has not received the package. So today, 30 December, I receive another email that the tests will ship “as early as January 6, 2022”.

I was dumb enough to order 2 more tests on the 24th based on the rapid shipping. Of course I received an email that these shipped 28 December.

Wyze accepts payment and tells you the items have shipped when they have not!

Hopefully, I will see the kits but this is the last time Wyze will get any money from me.


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Like you, I ordered the test kits and the USPS never changed from label created. I did send an email to Wyze and asked them to check on the Order. They responed quickly with an apology and that the package appears to have been lost. They are sending out a replacement for my order.

Have you reached out to Wyze to find out about your order? If not, you can reach them by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online:


Just a caution, they nay be down for holiday break at this point.


Thanks for pointing that out.


You missed the part where he said:

I saw that, I received the same message. Here is what was sent out:

I am ok with this, I am also glad they sent the notification.


Then why the comment about the lost package and a replacement being sent? :thinking:

I also got the message about shipping ‘as early as’ Jan. 6th - which could also mean as late as Apr 1st. Too bad they won’t let me keep my money until they actually ship.

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I wanted to make sure that the OP reported it and did not simply order more if Wyze was able to determine the issue and do a replacement for it. I did not see any mention that Wyze Support was contacted.

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Same here. Ordered two boxes on Tue (12/28). The next day (12/29) I received an email saying they had shipped. Then yesterday (12/30) I received the same email as you, saying my order will “start shipping as early as January 6”.


Same. I was shipping the tests to my vacation hotel with promised 12/30 delivery. Now they will arrive at least a week later than originally promised, and after I check/out of hotel. I need the ship-to changed to my home. I could not reach anyone at Wyze to make the change. Customer service is not available.

If the hotel will forward (unlikely), will Wyze reimburse me for the extra shipping cost?


This absolutely needs more attention!! I got a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number only to receive an email the next day that shipping will be delayed. The kicker is Wyze won’t let you cancel an order once there is any kind of shipping information (in my case, there was a label created). I guess there’s a fine line between “can’t and won’t”.


You can go to CVS,Rite Aid,Walgreens and more and get the same item and some are cheaper. .no waiting for delivery…

Same situation here – last purchase from these hacks

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Same thing here though I never got the follow up email about shipping on the 6th. Very disappointed.

I had the same issue!!! I ordered on December 26, said it shipped Dec 27th, said it would arrive December 31st. Came home from where I was to retrieve, they never showed up and I really really NEEDED THEM. Now they show to be delivered on Jan 7th. Not sure i can trust the date.

The problem is these are out of stock EVERYWHERE where i am at, SoCal

no you cannot, not where i live, they have been completely out of stock EVERYWHERE for weeks.

Same for me! I ordered on the 22nd and received a shipping confirmation on the 23rd. Two weeks later and no updates and no way to cancel the order. As a first time wyze customer, it’s hard not to feel like this is a scam.

Same thing happened to me and i knew right off the bat i wasnt the only one. They pretty much sold more tests than they have and telling same lies to everyone that the order got lost in warehouse. Now they cant send replacement because they are sold out. smh

I’m going to get with my CC company and dispute that charge. It’s the only way I know. Wyze should have gone bankrupt when they had the chance.

Never by medical supplies from them