Covid test delay unacceptable

I ordered covid tests on December 31. Email received with order indicated shipping within 1-3 days. Did not happen. Stuck in “packing” for at least the past week with a usps tracking number but not yet received by usps.

Unable to cancel because it is marked as “shipped”, which is obviously untrue. Also, if I return Wyze will not refund shipping or pay for shipping back. Obviously this is wrong as they have not kept their word on when the tests would be shipped.

Hello Wyze??? Please advise?

Thank you…


Welcome to the community @clifff27

This is a User Community Forum. To get Wyze support go to, scroll to the bottom if you wish to call.

However, here is the phone info: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Same thing happened to me. They told me they can’t refund me since the label was already created. They did tell me they have free returns.

If I don’t get the test shortly I will be doing a chargeback through my credit card. I suggest you do the same.


The covid tests are not sold or shipped by Wyze. Wyze is just acting as the middle man forwarding communications back and forth between the company actually selling them and the customer. Wyze doesn’t receive anything for these purchases.

Furthermore, the issues with Covid tests is a global issue. Every company that is selling them is having the same issues. The demand for these tests is so extreme, there aren’t even enough trucks in the world to move them where they need to go. All the government’s in the world are also having the same problems you are.

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spanomi 4 …Called and told long wait…Kept repeating same msg. over and overall to try chat as it would be quicker. I am 27 and it looks like at least a half an hour wait!

dsrobbins11…that is exactly what I plan to do

isbey…Wyze is still responsible whether they are selling them or not. They indicated 1-3 days for shipping and should not have. Not happy that significantly delayed…BUT I should be able to cancel and if not get my shipping charges refunded!!


That I agree with. Just because something claims a label was printed - even though the product may not have left China yet, let alone reached a warehouse - is hardly justification for saying they can’t cancel the order. But I’ve had that happen with US vendors even in the best of prepandemic times…

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Totally agree. Bad policy not to be able to cancel an order just because a “label” was printed. Especially when they know that the item won’t ship for at least 2 weeks. I understand the issues with the global supply chain right now, however, this seems like a complete waste of time and resources on both ends.

I’m in the same “boat” as many others regarding the test kits. I understand the supply chain issues and demand vs supply. What I take issue with, and am extremely dissapointed about is Wyzes communication and their "process"for handling this product. Ordered 3 weeks ago. Received email
3 days later stating order had shipped with an eta of 3 to 5 days. 2 days later received email stating order would ship on January 6th. Still no kits after 3 weeks. Why would they notify me that it’s on the way and I could expect in 3 to 5 days when they knew it hadn’t. This is a health product not a camera. Wyze needs to take a serious look at their process for this item. Obviously I would never order these through them again. Very disappointing.

Same issue here.
Agreed with everyone:
-It’s ok to have supply chain issue on this product
-But don’t create a label asap just so customer can’t get a refund
-Stop putting this as the front page item (even before the cameras!)
-Wyze might be a middle man but end user should not have to worry about that
-They should give us better update and/or give us store credit

Come on Wyze, people rely on those test for their health! Step up your game or quit that business!


We bought our at CVS

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Spamoni4 the phone contact is useless - no response after THREE days of trying for 30 minutes each time. Just a continuous loop directing people to go to a web-based link, which is also useless - hard to read choices and never found a chat link. I ordered the test kits on 12/21/21, received the label printed, shipped, etc. emails, just like many other people have pointed out below. Still no test kits, and yet Wyze advertises the kits on their web page. Sorry Wyze, you failed us by not giving us accurate information from the beginning.

Must be high call volume, what I did was go to the, Went through the Chat area, bottom right, select Orders and returns, put information in, then at the end it asks if any of the listed items helped, I said no and a ticket was created. Wyze Support emailed me with within 24 hours.

Note: the Orders and Returns is option 2 on the list of choices

Try that and see if it helps.

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No problem getting vaccines though…

Here is the current status of the Test Kit ordering/shipping:

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So, allow two extra weeks. What does that mean? Ordered 12/30…When should I receive it?

Why can’t I cancel when it has not really been shipped?

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Spamoni4, I have done that and when I select orders on the bottom right it gives me two choices: ticket created or back ordered. I have a ticket and it was shipped, which is was not. As I said before, the support links for Wyze are useless.

I did some research and found that you will need to add at least 2 weeks. Here is a link to @tomp info, which I also found:

Also, I ordered 3 kits on the 21st or so as well. I just received the kits last Friday. There must have been a delay from iHealth on getting them out. I have a colleague who ordered his, through iHealth directly, and still have not received them. It has been 3 weeks.

I ordered on Dec 31, was charged, received the “shipped” email with delivery expected Jan 08. Not yet received. But today I received an email asking me to rate my purchase!

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And then if you go through and honestly rate the product that you never received they will go through and censor it and delete it. Gotta keep the image up! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I guess everyone at Wyze, from the president on down, just covers their ears and eyes to these order fulfillment issues that have plagued them since day one. This blatant unwillingness to acknowledge that Wyze has severe and chronic customer service issues, let alone deal with the problems, is a 100% reflection on the company value system. For a company like Wyze, customer-facing issues should be priority one. I guess their management disagrees.