Covid test delay unacceptable

Same issue here.
Agreed with everyone:
-It’s ok to have supply chain issue on this product
-But don’t create a label asap just so customer can’t get a refund
-Stop putting this as the front page item (even before the cameras!)
-Wyze might be a middle man but end user should not have to worry about that
-They should give us better update and/or give us store credit

Come on Wyze, people rely on those test for their health! Step up your game or quit that business!


We bought our at CVS

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Spamoni4 the phone contact is useless - no response after THREE days of trying for 30 minutes each time. Just a continuous loop directing people to go to a web-based link, which is also useless - hard to read choices and never found a chat link. I ordered the test kits on 12/21/21, received the label printed, shipped, etc. emails, just like many other people have pointed out below. Still no test kits, and yet Wyze advertises the kits on their web page. Sorry Wyze, you failed us by not giving us accurate information from the beginning.

Must be high call volume, what I did was go to the, Went through the Chat area, bottom right, select Orders and returns, put information in, then at the end it asks if any of the listed items helped, I said no and a ticket was created. Wyze Support emailed me with within 24 hours.

Note: the Orders and Returns is option 2 on the list of choices

Try that and see if it helps.

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No problem getting vaccines though…

Here is the current status of the Test Kit ordering/shipping:

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So, allow two extra weeks. What does that mean? Ordered 12/30…When should I receive it?

Why can’t I cancel when it has not really been shipped?

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Spamoni4, I have done that and when I select orders on the bottom right it gives me two choices: ticket created or back ordered. I have a ticket and it was shipped, which is was not. As I said before, the support links for Wyze are useless.

I did some research and found that you will need to add at least 2 weeks. Here is a link to @tomp info, which I also found:

Also, I ordered 3 kits on the 21st or so as well. I just received the kits last Friday. There must have been a delay from iHealth on getting them out. I have a colleague who ordered his, through iHealth directly, and still have not received them. It has been 3 weeks.

I ordered on Dec 31, was charged, received the “shipped” email with delivery expected Jan 08. Not yet received. But today I received an email asking me to rate my purchase!

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And then if you go through and honestly rate the product that you never received they will go through and censor it and delete it. Gotta keep the image up! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I guess everyone at Wyze, from the president on down, just covers their ears and eyes to these order fulfillment issues that have plagued them since day one. This blatant unwillingness to acknowledge that Wyze has severe and chronic customer service issues, let alone deal with the problems, is a 100% reflection on the company value system. For a company like Wyze, customer-facing issues should be priority one. I guess their management disagrees.


Call yourbcredit code and cancel

Contacted Wyze thru their chat. After 25 minutes or so got a message that I could leave an email and they would get back to me.

Indeed they did. I indicated I wanted a refund. And as expected they said it had already shipped. I explained that it had been in packing for awhile and it was promised to be shipped in one to three days from my initial order received email.

Again told policy is no refunds. Told them in that case would contact my credit card company. As I recall then transferred or heard back from a supervisor. She approved refund and it has been credited to my credit card.

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I’ve been waiting in queue in their chat for 2 hrs. While waiting, I filed a dispute with PayPal and my credit card. PayPal gave a time frame of 3-4 weeks, so I went ahead and disputed it with my credit card even though that will cancel my PayPal dispute. I’m waiting for Wyze because I’d like my money back ASAP, not in 2 weeks —IF the dispute is resolved in my favor.

Their online “help” said that I can’t cancel since a shipping label was created. They created that label within a day of my order when they didn’t even have any in stock. Heck, they collected money on a product they didn’t have. How much money have the collected from people without having anything to sell? That much be a lot of money! Interest free money!


We keep hearing of that “explanation” but how does it hold any water? A site could make up a shipping label before you even complete your cart checkout. It’s meaningless.

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I too am very disappointed in Wyze! It seems that they never had these in stock and are just a middle man setup to collect the money and make a profit. I was not told they did not have them in stock. I will not be ordering anything from Wyze again unless they tell me they have it in stock ready to ship or it is a pre-order. Oh and when I too contacted them about why I got an email saying shipped when it has not shipped. I was told even though I did not ask for a refund that I could not get a refund because a shipping label had been created. So it seems this is what they did. As soon as you ordered they created a shipping label. Thus locking your the order where you could not get a refund. Money in the bank for them!

I am going to try cancel thru my credit card. I have ordered some from the Government for free. Just go here they are free.

They are free from the Govt, but they don’t have any in stock either:

I did go and ordered a free test yesterday. I ordered my test from Wyze on 1_2 and a shipping label was created on 1_2. So I cannot cancel according to them. What the hell! This is unacceptable to me and I thought Wyze was a better company then that! Will not order any thing else from Wyze without a confirmation from Wyze that it is in stock and ready to ship. I have ordered pre-ordered items and I understand that those are not in stock. I will be contacting my credit card company to see if I can cancel my order this afternoon!