My Collection Kit has Been Activated - But Have NoT Received the Kit!

Not sure if the “watercolor” is the best place for this but …

We ordered a bunch of the test kits advertised by Wyze. The USPS tracking says they are still in transit. However, I have received several emails from binx, who I assume is the maker of the kits, that my account has been created and collection kits have been activated.

I’ve not received the kits nor do I know anything about binx nor have I activated any accounts. So, not sure what is going on here??? I guess I will see when (if) the kits arrive and I get all of them.

Anyone else have a similar issues?

There are several threads about the delays, yes. As you’d expect it’s a supply issue.

However I did not think Wyze/iHealth tests were from Binax?

Thanks - you actually helped me solve the mystery!
I got confused and thought the Wyze tests were coming from binx but they are related to something else for a family member.

So, never mind!! LOL!

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