Received a refund for Covid test kit

I ordered Covid test kit on Jan 2. As others have experienced, a USPS tracking number was created and label printed, but the test kit never shipped.

I requested a refund for Covid test kit through support. Initially received an auto-reply basically saying “sorry, no refund”

I replied to their message stating I would open a dispute through my credit card.

A few hours later, I received a reply from a live person who processed a refund. They said it will take a few days for the refund to appear on credit card (that’s normal)
Update: PayPal confirmed the refund has been issued to credit card!

If you’re still waiting for a test kit and want a refund, be persistent.

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Unfortunate that the only way to get what a reputable company would provide upon request is with threats. :roll_eyes:

Yup…I replied again recommending they fix this problem.

I ordered my test kits Jan 1. I received notification that the label had been made and in my Wyze account is says “shipped” but then when I view the order is says the items are in packaging. They have been in packaging since January 1. I paid via PayPal so I have now requested a refund through their platform. Hopefully, there will not be issues in getting the refund.

They issued mine within a few hours. It was a weekday though. I threatened to start a dispute through my credit card…not sure if that made any difference.

If they don’t answer you by tomorrow, consider starting a dispute with your credit card…it’s easy to “undo” a credit card dispute if Wyze comes through. BTW, I took a screenshot showing the non-movement of USPS shipping, just in case the credit card company wanted additional information.

Wyze reply said they started shipping January 26 and that they cannot cancel it since the label has already been made. I find that convenient because they create the label as soon as the order is placed. Anyway, they said I can request a refund one I receive the test kits. I am debating whether to push it or wait for the kits and request a refund then.

Taking screen shots of the ‘non-movement’ of shipping was a good idea - I have done the same.

And we know that’s not true based on others getting a refund after the label has been produced.

That’s what they initially said to me too. I told them that’s their problem, not mine. That’s when I threatened the credit card dispute and got a refund. If it actually ships, the return might require return shipping cost, restocking fee blah blah….

This is so disheartening. On the one hand, I’m relieved that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. On the other, it’s sad to see how badly Wyze is handling this scenario. I’ve contacted them multiple times, and they kept telling me they’re about to start shipping. I submitted this order in December, over a month ago.

When I asked how Wyze plans on rectifying this, I was offered a $5 store credit. I’ve also been told there is zero escalation, no one else I can speak with, nothing other than $5 off my next purchase with Wyze. What a tone-deaf response. Sad to see I’m not the only one that’s had to begin a charge dispute with my bank as a last resort.

I ordered mine on January 6th & still in packing.
The kicker is you can order them on Amazon paying a few more dollars, but they will be delivered tomorrow as they are back in stock. How about they send out the ones people have already paid them for!

Just check today Feb 9th on Amazon for Ihealth covid test kits. In stock, same day delivery !
I guess if you have already paid in advance, you’ll have to wait. Wyze`s reputation is in jeopardy and needs to pressure Ihealth to deliver or face legal action. Otherwise why do business with a company that doesn’t support their customers ?

I got a couple Free boxes from the U.S. Government today in the mail. Probably not really free because I know they will raise my taxes again or the IRS will find a new way the #$%^&* > me over. :grin:

Apparently they are buying from different sources, as what I got was a single Siemens Clinitest box that contains 5 tests.

I did end up getting a refund - but I am assuming it is only because I escalated it by complaining to PayPal which is how I paid for the tests. Interestingly, I only learned of the refund by looking at my PayPal account and seeing the refund. Anyway, I am happy that Wyze was able to figure out how to cancel my order :wink: