Please cancel my order... been 11 days

The Wyze tracking system is totally jacked up. I ordered a Band, Scale, and four additional cameras on 3/24. Received the Band at about the two week mark, the scale a week later and have yet to receive the cams after 4 weeks. CC of course was immediately charged and my single order was split into 3 separate orders and each charged $10 for S&H so $30 total. I got an email stating my Band had shipped and would arrive soon when in fact I had received it 10 days prior. If I go to the Wyze website to check my order(s) even today it shows shipped for the Band, processing for the scale which I received over a week ago and processing for the cams ordered a month ago. I have spoken to Wyze support on 4 different occasions to no avail. I have been a supporter of Wyze since pre-launch, and having bought numerous Wyze products but I am beginning to waiver. This behavior is unacceptable

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It wouldn’t surprise me if they are drop-shipping products - that would explain a lot.

Is that legal. To split the order and then charge you shipping 3 times the amount.
Or was shipping $30 and they broke it down to 3 payments of $10

If total shipping was $10 for the 3 products and now they are charging $10 for each shipment because they didn’t have everything in stock to ship or cam from different warehouses. Now… That is so wrong in every way

Maybe, you haven’t spoken to the right person. They are very short staffed at this time. I’m sure that once you get a hold of the right person, they’ll make it right, because you are such a valued and loyal customer.

Hey Lee, have you received your order?

I doubt he has. I have an order that’s been “processing” since 4/17/20 with no update or shipping info.

No i have not received it yet
Still waiting for it

Just an FYI. Home Depot arrives these V2 cameras

from my 

Not sure what “arrives” means. but I’ve bought the three Wyze cams we have from Home Depot, so yea, HD stocks the cams …

I meant “carries”.
Typos and auto correct by iPhone, Lol

from my 

I would say my wyze can is worth more. But with the crap going on as it is. A roll of toilet paper left on the front porch may be a game changer. Thieves would probably be happy with grabbing it and just leave.

Thanks Wyze.
I’m happy with my cameras and your service. Especially during these trying times.


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Another, I didn’t get my stuff in a timely manner during the pandemic. I’ve been having Amazon take 7-10 days to just ship something. Is what it is, have some patience.


i finally got my Cam V2, 18 days, later
problem was Wyze took 12 days to hand it over to USPS,
once USPS received it, all was good,

Be patient, I never received a tracking number and they both showed up 2 days of each other and I am very happy with both.

i got my cam
are you happy with the Detection Zone Settings? :-0