Wyze non-delivery

I ordered my outdoor set and V3 camera direct from Wyze. Last Thursday I received notice from both FedEx and Wyze that the products were delivered.

But the package never arrived.

I live in a high rise in downtown Atlanta with staff on premise to receive packages 7x24 and a secure process to hold them. No possibility of porch pirates here. Building security video cameras of the property show no deliveries from FedEx at the time claimed, and none on the day in question. Clearly the package never arrived and was presumably mis-delivered by FedEx.

I followed the protocol of Wyze, checked surrounding buildings for mistaken delivery, and waited two days before sending a Wyze support message. I contacted FedEx with the tracking number and was told to have Wyze initiate the “lost package protocol” by the sender. Wyze support has now gone silent on the ticket, and I have no product.

I am dumfounded at a company that has no telephone support, but even more that has no protocol for support response via email in a situation such as this.

I will be compelled to cancel the credit card charge, which I hate to do. All I want is to become a customer.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Phone: (206) 339-9646
Toll free: (844) 999-3226
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Thank you so much for the contact information. It is indeed well hidden. I have gone back to the web site and cannot find telephone numbers anywhere.

I called and after 32 minutes was able to connect with a capable support person who is going to arrange for reshipment of the lost package.

I am frustrated, but hope to have now resolved the matter satisfactorily.


If the package had been accepted by FedEx it’s their fault.
I don’t understand WHY you titled this thread “Wyze non-delivery”.
Glad Wyze is going to give you another one.
I’ve had FedEx note they delivered a package to the receptionist - at my house! (There AIN"T no receptionist!)
While I sat in the front room by the door.
Just today we finally got a package from Walmart that FedEx had said was delivered last week - Yes it was delivered - TO THE WRONG ADDRESS!

Wyze’s fault in this is picking a poor shipper.

I had a package delivered to the wrong address in the past - Not a wyze order, called FedEx and they said to notify the shipper to submit the lost package process. We did that, the process started, the vendor sent another one to us. 1 month later the individuals brought the package to our house. Now we had 2. SMH. Why would someone keep a package for 1 month and then deliver it.

FedEx has gotten worse over the year.

Of course, we contacted the vendor who said to keep it.


That may be but Wyze is responsible to deliver whst you bought. It shouldn’t be so difficult to contact them.