Product NOT Delivered

On Sunday 3/21/21 I was in my garage all day and with the garage door open and I got a notification that my product had been delivered, I went back on two WYZE cameras I have near the front of the house and no deliveries were made. I want a full product refund!!!

Where in the hell is your customer service?


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Wyze employees do not monitor this forum on a regular basis, so it’s best to contact Wyze Customer Support with any questions or issues that you are experiencing.

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It sounds like whomever is delivering your item (usps or fedex) either scanned the package in error or misdelivered it.

You might start by placing the blame on the company that caused the problem, and if you get no resolution there, then call wyze.

Fedex 1-800-go-fedex
Usps 1-800-ask-usps


Breathe a little bit.

You should know that your misdelivered package has nothing to do with the company, especially if you’ve been tracking it stop by stop.

A package not delivered is not on Wyze, it’s on The delivery service, contact them and ask ware it is. In all likelyhood it was delivered to the wrong place. Call the 1800 and give them the tracking and ask where it is.

I’ve had two products ‘delivered’ that were delivered to my neighbor. Thankfully, he is an honest guy, and brought them over.

Was a concern though when I got the notice and nothing was on my doorstep!