I'm worried about Wyze

I am seriously getting tired of the broken promises … Back in 2017 I loved wyze and still do today but then, when they got me hooked, they kept they’re promises. I wonder how many more emails I am going to receive this year because they broke a promise? Currently i’m going on 3… I don’t want wyze to change but i want them to pay attention and quit treating customers like we are just a source of income. They’re always saying “friends” but at this point these are no longer inconvenient broken promises… After the second broken promise the 3rd just became a lie. I want wyze to a quit lying to us and deliver our products. By Christmas.

I share in your concern. I ordered 2 of the v3 cams on Oct. 28 and never received them as of 12-8-20. I was told they would ship in November. They still show not shipped in my account.

I ordered mine on 10/27 and I haven’t gotten any email updates about shipment and I haven’t received mine yet.

I am also worried about them releasing too many new products. I believe that will adversely affect their support of the current products. They still have not resolved a major problem with cameras streaming to the Google Home, which has been hanging out there for a very long time. I ordered my V3 on 11/5 and have not received it yet. That doesn’t bother me as much as not resolving known problems with previously released products and them still advertising that their products work with Google Home.

They are mis-leading people!

I’m sure that some of this has been affected by the virus!

I ordered my V3 Cameras on the 28th. The only info that I have received is that my ship date has slipped to December.

Now I see they are announcing an Home security system. I just want my cameras and a new Wyze Sense.

New shipping estimates released this morning on Cam V3. Shipping delayed 2 more weeks on all V3 Cams. Come on Wyze. Get it together.

You’ve overextended yourself Wyze!! Too much too fast. Especially at the holiday time. Disappointed your shipping schedule has slipped from your estimates or I would not have placed pre-orders in November expecting product by Christmas. Now I have to look at other options. Thanks a lot.

I’ve got 2 coming not shipped yet. If I get them before Christmas I could try to help someone out. Providing they send me 2 cams from their order when it’s received. Not even sure if it would work for possible warranty issues though.

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As someone who works at a smaller company myself, it very well could be that they had a lot of irons in the fire. It is totally possible that they had organized teams for each product they put out and sufficiently developed each one. If I remember correctly, not that long ago Wyze had grown significantly in order to stretch their wings a bit more. I feel that the outdoor cam needed a bit more time to bake but the V3 looks fantastic with so many refreshing upgrades! Also with the new 24/7 monitoring they are bridging the gap that a lot of people really wanted. You can still self monitor and use Wyze for data purposes as well as an effective IOT smart home use but now they can act as a full fledged Security system as well. All these updates and new products does in fact seem like they are illogically stretching themselves way thin OR they are going through a large growth period and making the most of it. I believe the latter.

I agree you have valid concerns. The cameras are what got me initiated with Wyze. I’ve got at least one of every variant; I truly wish I had pre-ordered more v.3 cameras to replace my v.2 cameras. I think they are so much more refined than the other ones. But as with anything, there will always be technology advances. SpaceX is a prime example of that - start with the basics and continue to improve on the product. Will there be futher refinements on the cameras? I could think of a number of improvements I’d like to see, on top of what they currently have.
The home security unit is a logical expansion of the cameras and sensors. I’m guessing they have been working on that system for a long time; it just makes sense.
All of the other offshoots? Hard to say how those evolved. Are they being driven at the Wyze end, or with their manufacturing partners in China that have products but are looking for a marketing avenue?
Health care items? I can see those as an offshoot. Watering timer? Nah. Vacuum? Already a crowded market. However, we did order one to use at the business, and also because I want to see how well the LIDAR works. I could see the potential uses for a good, inexpensive LIDAR system in some devices, more for business than home use.

Is Wyze out of touch with their current and potential customer base? Only they can answer that. But for us current customers, it does kind of seem so, with some of the current and upcoming products.

I ordered four V3’s on 11/2 thinking I would have them by now and today I got a pre-order weekly update saying they’ll ship around 12/26. Very disappointed especially since my credit card was charged on 11/3. They will have my money Long before I have my cams! And now they are offering a free V3 if you subscribe to Cam Plus. Will they get them before pre-orders?

I ordered mine on Oct. 26th, and got them in right around Thanksgiving. The email from Wyze yesterday says they had a glitch in the production, but they are ramping back up. I order several more, but don’t expect to see them until January.

I saw the CamPlus info and signed up for it in early October while they were running the special. Sure, I wish I could get another v.3 camera free, like the current orders, but such is life. Wyze needs to do what it can to get new customers - after all, they are in business to make money. Otherwise, they’d be call the “government” :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input! Glad to hear you received your order. I got an email from Wyze community personnel.
My order from 11-15-2020 should be shipped by Dec 26th.

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I just ordered my first Wyze products (cameras, door lock) and pre-ordered the home monitoring service. But this thread is making me wonder if I made a mistake. I specifically chose Wyze because I’m tired of dealing with eufy and their jank system. I hope I didn’t take a side-step instead of a step forward. I guess only time will tell.

Welcome to the forum.

The good thing about Wyze is; even if it turns out to not work for you, you haven’t got a fortune invested in it.
I think the majority of customers are happy. This is the Internet, usually people only post when they have a problem. Seldom do people just give a glowing review unless they’ve been asked or bribed to do so. No, Wyze does not ask or bribe, I checked. :laughing:

From what I have seen, in other Post. People do like the product. Just wondering why they are taking Pre-orders?
Some kind of Money problem in company, not sure. Anyone have a answer to this.

I don’t know why Wyze has gone in thst direction. I won’t buy that way as it’s essentially lending money without collateral.
I understand asking for preorders to gauge how many products you can move but not full payment until final shipment.

Hopefully nobody gets their panties in a bunch, but honestly…some people are happiest when complaining. :slight_smile: I think you’ll more than likely be happy with your WYZE products. There offerings aren’t absolutely perfect for everything, but you certainly get your moneys worth with their cameras.

Also, glad to hear you’re dumping that other brand, which by the way is know to share data with foreign entities. One of the best things about WYZE, other than their rock solid wired cams is the fact that their cloud storage is leverages Amazon Web Service, which is US based. They have things setup to ensure nothing is replicated outside of the USA.