Please concentrate it on the products you have now

I really think you at Wyze should really concentrate on maintaining quality products, listening better to the community and the issues that some of your products are having, and the feeling orders and keeping better products on stock instead of trying to introduce more products especially with the fact that there is certain products out there that you can’t order even though you are a campus member and that is very frustrating even more frustrating to see that you are trying to launch new products when you haven’t addressed the issues with the ones that you currently have now. I do believe if you keep going down this road then you will pretty much continued to put out mediocre, subpar products instead of the quality ones that you originally started with. And from a customer and a member, it is very frustrating to see the new products come out and not be able to get the products that you you have already developed, especially when you’re not putting any new development into the ones you currently have or addressing the problems.

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It is a problem. Not that my opinion matters to Wyze, but as far as I’m concerned, they can introduce a new product every single week and that would be great, but only if they have the staff and ability to support the ones they already have. Take the thermostat for example, it has a software problem with the fan starting prematurely when calling for heat and the Wyze team has said they would fix it, but it hasn’t been done. And that’s just one of several software problems.
Also, there have been numerous posts on the forum about delayed or inadequate customer support, but more products just exasperates this problem of not enough and not knowledgeable enough support staff .


Believe me I know, I think they need to definitely start concentrating on getting the items that they have now on the shelves and keeping the prices down along with making sure that you don’t have to have a subscription, which was one of the biggest promises that they started out with with this company instead of going to the fact that all they want to do is release new products, and yet their customer service has definitely deteriorated and so has the quality of their products especially if you go on YouTube and look at a lot of reviews lately. One of the biggest complaints about Wyze is that they are over promising and definitely under delivering, especially the fact that you can no longer buying their products because conveniently everything is out of stock and now in order to get something you have to be a cam plus member. Seems like they are definitely backtracking as a company now, especially with many competitors out there within their now price range and with much better reviews and the fact that their products are available and not out of stock.


AMEN to that!



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