Wyze really needs to focus more on improving quality

As a long time Wyze user who loves the products and wishes Wyze to succeed in the low-cost smart home market, I feel that over the course of last few months, I’ve noticed considerable drop in quality of Wyze’s products and services. It seems the company has been focusing on new products rather than spending more efforts fixing bugs and improving existing products and services.

  1. My front door sensor and motion sensor stopped working (went offline) when I was on vacation. And I still haven’t been able to re-pair them. Changed batteries and still not working. These sensors weren’t reliable at all due to connection issues.
  2. Front door camera suddenly stopped person and motion detection. Missing all sorts of events like mailman and deliveries.
  3. “No SD card” issue. Cam’s internal SD card became unrecognizable after a while. Sometimes fixable by resetting the camera, but lost recording in the meantime.
  4. Bought the new product Outdoor Cam and it was such a disappointment. Battery drains fast. Worse viewing angle than my indoor cam. Base station range is worse than my Wifi router resulting in slow and choppy videos. Can’t pan. It is not practical at all. I literally had to replace it with a Cam Pan with extended USB cable.
  5. Bought the scale and everything about the scale is perfect except the software. The sync with my Apple Health broke silently several times. The data points were lost in Apple Health and the software won’t re-sync older data. Not all types of data are synced, etc.

Now I’m no longer as excited as before when I hear about new product announcements. What is the point if my existing front door cam doesn’t capture motion in the SD card and doesn’t notify me of motion? What’s the point of the sensors if they suddenly lost connection and became offline? These are fixable bugs but it’s been a year and no firmware updates or app updates have been addressing them. In the meantime, the new products are less well thought of in terms of practicality like the Outdoor Cam and its base station.

I really hope Wyze could take a break from new product frenzy and really iterate and improve the quality of existing product lines esp. the firmware, app software and cloud services,

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@WyzeGwendolyn Hi. I had a bad guy break into my home yesterday and I went to check my cameras, only to find that my video had been deleted off my phone. There should really be an option to allow you guys to record footage and back it up to your servers if we choose as a backup, just in case it’s ever deleted from our phones. Not all the time, just at designated times that we personally choose you to do so. That would definitely need something signed to do so but would be well worth it in the long run, in case the phone was ever stolen.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about the break in.
Video is never stored on your phone unless you download it yourself. Even then there is still a copy in the cloud.
By default,12 second video clips are always stored on WYZE servers for 14 days.
If you would like to store longer clips WYZE already has a subscription service called Cam Plus.
You also have the option of putting SD cards in your cameras to record events or record continuously. These SD clips can also be vieweed from your phone.

Hi, how do I get to the cloud? And is it possible that you guys can recover footage from my cams from 2 days ago?

All cloud recordings are under the Events tab in the phone app.

You are not talking to WYZE employees. The forum are WYZE users like yourself.
They can’t recover anything that has been deleted but the clips don’t get deleted until they are over 14 days old.

Have you even been able to see Events on your phone? There is no reason they should have been deleted unless you did it yourself.