WYZE device quality concern

Dear Community,

From last year until now I have bought several products from WYZE. The reason I decided to go with their product because of the price and rating from Amazon. The devices I bought were Camera V2, door sensing devices, and a wireless plug. Those devices I bought works great at the beginning but, they failed right before and after the 1-year warranty mark. Those devices were not completely failed but it was unable to sync/add to the WYZE app. The WYZE has released a lot of good products but I’m now hesitant to buy anything more products from WYZE for that reason. I wonder if anyone from the community having/seeing the same issue.

WYZE products setup was easy and all the devices seem working great for a while. When it came close to 1 year the outdoor camera start to fail, It is still showing pictures but having a lot of horizontal lines jumping. I reach out to support and they send a new one. Right after that, the door sensing starts to fail. First I thought it was a battery and bought a new battery from Amazon. After I replaced the battery, it turns on but failed to sync. I reached out to support and they send me a new sensor device since it still covered under a 1-year warranty. The second outdoor camera is also failed a little after 1 years warranty is over. It is completely dead that not turned on at all. Since the warranty is out I can not send it back for a replacement. Just last month the wireless plug suddenly stops working. I tried to remove and back in but did not work. I was able to connect to the device wireless but it can not proceed to complete the configuration.

I really like all the WYZE products that I purchased so far and the price is great. But if I keep having to replace every year then I don’t think it is worth the investment. I’m just trying to reach out to the community to see if anyone run into the same issue or just me having bad luck with their products.

I look forward to hearing from you.


You don’t get what you don’t pay for - including quality/longevity. I once had 7 different Wyze products and I’m now down to one (that does not get used for anything important) and as soon as it dies I’ll never own another.

Thanks for your feedback. At least that i’m not alone

About the same as a disposable Bic lighter, Once it’s used you toss it and get another…LOL

I have cameras that have lasted over 2.5 years and most I sold a last month when those V2’s were upgraded to V3’s. Out of 20+ V2’s I had 3 that had issues and I tossed. Not worth my time to deal with the not so easy customer service, etc… I would have wasted more money in TIME than the $20 camera value.

For me they work and all mine are outside exposed to the elements, with the V3’s I no longer use the “bird-house cases” because the V3 is supposedly weatherproof and time will tell on that one for me

But either way if they die they are no different than a Bic lighter, toss it and move on…