Really disappointed in Wyze

I will just share how disappointed in Wyze as a company. I was sold after seeing someone that had the Wyze cameras, and after seeing them i bought 1. And now have 4. And to be fair… as far as those go, i am happy with the product. They have been solid and i have not had too many issues. The rest of the products i have total disappointment in. I have 2 bulbs that have had issues. I have 2 bands. One on android and one on apple that are more of a pain in the ass deal deal with then they are worth. I have a Wyze sense kit that i could never get the motion sensor to work. And now both my sensors after only about 3 months, now have the batteries dead already. Totally frustrated and disappointed at this point. Not sure if others have had these issues but just sharing me own.

Is your PD working on the v2?

Yes. Mine works on 3 of the 4 cameras. The 4th one i got after the PD was offered.

This is what frustrates me. It won’t work on mine. I asked here and no response from Wyze

Agree with you, the cam’s seem pretty solid, but the Wyze Sense components are unreliable. Regarding battery life, even the stated 1 year life for a contact sensor battery is surprisingly low. Wyze uses a Ti CC13x0 MCU in the contact sensors. There’s an application note that Ti wrote on how to implement a contact sensor using this MCU, where they calculate the battery life using 240 mAh coin cell in their reference design. Their figure is 10 years!. Yet I’ve had sensors go dead in 2 weeks. And a ton of other problems with pairing, sensing, etc. Wyze has a long way to go with these sensors before they’re at a reasonable level of reliability.

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The grandfatherd PD is based on your account creation date, not when you activated a particular camera…