WYZE products suck! Never ever work properly. Crap… junk!

I’ve had the opposite experience. 5 cameras, several contact sensors, 2 motion sensors, 2 bulbs, and a Wyze lock and except for some initial problems with the sensors when they were first released, everything has worked great. And they’re inexpensive compared to others, so for the price, more than great


Opposite for me as well. One V2 and one Pan cams, two sensors, four bulbs and a motion sensor. Only issue I’ve had was battery life on the stock batteries in one sensor. Do you have wifi issues?


All products made by << insert name of vendor >> are << insert insult here >> I am placing all products in << insert disposal mechanism >>.

These type comments are so very helpful. They tell you what exactly is wrong, what steps have been tried to resolve etc. In short a wealth of information!


My 3 cams (v2) and 4 bulbs work fine. Sometimes with new technology there can be operator difficulties. Setting up new stuff can cause frustrations but they are short-lived. I’m planning on getting some sensors next.


2 cam pans, 1 v2, door lock, 12 bulbs, 4 contact sensors, 3 motion sensors, 2 bridges and 3 outlets. I even have 3 of the bulbs outside and one motion sensor outside. All have operated up to -20°. So I hardly call that garbage.

I’m even thinking of buying another camera to put outside my front door as a video doorbell type set up. I just can’t decide on another pan or v2. If I can figure out a proper way to mount the pan I would definitely go that way to give me more versatility and for just an extra 10 bucks I don’t see why more people don’t go with the pans.

I love it when people call something garbage but won’t give you any details as to why it’s garbage. What were your expectations? What is it not doing? What is it doing wrong? Is it in fact doing anything wrong? I notice the OP has not returned to address any of these issues. :thinking:

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Sorry for not responding to responses to my initial post… in general twice (2) out of 2 cameras do not work properly. The first camera would not only NOT record events properly… no matter the sensitivity of settings I would not capture events that should in fact be recorded. The same camera would not shut off night vision regardless of the setting and after shutting it off…resetting…unplugging. I would physically have to turn the night vision off IF I REMEMBERED TOO. Otherwise it runs with night vision on 24 hrs. Very inconvenient if you have to turn that setting off daily. Because of those issues with that camera I sent a very similar complaint to the people of Wyze. I expressed my problems and they sent me another camera FREE OF CHARGE. That was very cool… I appreciated that. This second camera for the first few days worked fine…then, not only did I experience the same issues as the first camera there was a different issue. This time instead of the camera not disengaging the night vision even when set to AUTO. The night vision doesn’t work at all. On top of that Wyze has decided to stop event recording all together during “MAINTENANCE”. I need a functioning camera at ALL times. Wyze does not offer this. They produce non functioning PRODUCTS THAT DON’T WORK PROPERLY! I digress… I will try other brands of home security/video surveillance products at this point. I need reliability!

Thank you for your information. Unfortunately the information provided was insufficient to really offer much help. But something you may want to consider is that there are literally millions of users that are not having issues like you are. This would suggest that your particular issues are most likely based on misunderstanding and or would be reasonably correctable.

However you sound as if you have already moved on and thrown your cameras away. So I guess that won’t be possible. Good luck in the future.