Devices dropping off :>(

Ugh, I really want to love the Wyze ecosystem but so many of the devices keep letting me down. I have 3 cameras (which mostly all the time work) a couple of motions sensors (which never work) some of the contact sensors (which have all stopped working) and the Wyze lock which unlocks by itself randomly. My friends and family keep asking me which Smart Home products to go with. So far my Alexa, Abode and Reolink all work as expected. I understand that Wyze is a start up but dangit, I wish it all worked as expected :frowning:

Give wyze time with the firmware update. They will get it in due time.
For $25 and $45 with sensor can get they feet wet before going full speed.

I agree, for the price point what you get is amazing. But, it still needs to work. I still promote and recommend Wyze with the caveat that it’s a startup and things should continue to improve.

The cameras are by far the best deal out there and all of mine work pretty much flawlessly.

there is a other place that sell the same camera for $75. The only thing I want is the picture live and record for free for 7day. People want more and want it now. One of the thing is not update your firmware until it really need it.

One thing too Wyze is not going kill no one with $25 camera but look at Boeing did with wrong software.