A plea for better customer service /support

you folks have a support system/team that does not value the one thing you need more than a product to sell…customers! And the sad part is that its not her fault… it yours (wyze labs). When a customer wades through corporate BS that I’ve been thru with wyze for the past few months, only to discover that it is your app causing all the inconvenience, you don’t feel the imperative, duty or conviction to let your customer know that you appreciate them for going through - enduring even, all time you have taken from them (that they will never get back) because your app that was supposed to save your customers time and make their life easier not only fails to perform as PROMISED, but took more time than it saved you leave them in a stupor. confused about clear and concise answers to questions and troubles and problems they have. Jeanette was only doing her job. And in her limited capacity she did it well. A poor rating is no reflection on her, rather on the brand represents.
My whole problem is the lack of power she has to broker adequate and fair compensation (ie discounts. products, or whatever it takes to leave a reasonable customer satisfied) when her employer has caused problems on a problems have occurred as a result of use of your service. now they’ve concluded a phone call and now your customer is disappointed because they wasted all this time trying to resolve a problem that you’ve created and that didn’t exist before they had your product or your app. that seed that has just been planted DOES NOT GO AWAY! You’ve now got the job of ensuring that seed doesn’t sprout. Because you can’t dig it out you’ve gotta ensure dormancy. it’s easier to prevent a seed planting than it is to uproot the mighty tree it will one day become.
To me, customer service is everything. And unfortunate though it may be, the onus is squarely on Wyze Labs to keep it’s customers satisfied (keep that bad experience with you from happening or ever happening again).

One bad experience with Nike almost 30 yrs ago has kept them from seeing a penny of mine or my family’s money since.

I can’t underscore for you enough, the import of what one customer (me) is saying. Because i’m not the only one feeling it.

You made a promise to make life easier and if for any reason or moment you fail to live up to your promise, don’t dismiss us or the inconvenience you’ve created, don’t treat us like you would before you broke your promise. because even the perception or feeling of inconvenience creates the disease (discomfort). I hope and pray you get my message. i don’t need you to kiss my ass. But always be fair. And sometimes be more than fair. Because there exists in no part of my body a desire to spend my money somewhere i won’t be treated w/ value. if you care about us (if you care about our money) MAKE IT RIGHT. the customer isn’t always right but we are the most important relationship you will ever have. Treat us as such.

thank you for allowing my 2¢… be free to keep the change.

CAVEAT I don’t enjoy hearing a support agent “I’m sorry” after everything i say “thank you for bringing this to our attention” perhaps. i’m sorry dosen’t defuse or disarm a situation. it feels insulting and does however, heighten frustration and anxiety. it also affirms just how out of touch you really can be.

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You know this is basically a user-to-user forum. You should probably contact Wyze Support at +1 (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT, & Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT (add 3 hours for ET times) if you want to connect to the man directly.

In the meantime is there something us nobodies can help you with?

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I have attempted to purchase the thermostat approximately three or four times and every time that I’ve purchased it the purchase has been approved and then canceled. They have been dragging me for the last few months. And when I say dragging I mean asking me to give them the same information every time I call or chat with customer service. I just really think the company should pay more attention to the customers customers like I said aren’t always right what is the most important relationship a company will ever have. We are the wealthy nagging wife if you will. You might not like this but For Better or For Worse we’re always going to be here. Nagging and complaining until we get things the way we want them… LOL but seriously it’s just a little irritating and disappointing to say the least when you spending extended amount of time trying to address an issue it could have been resolved months ago if anyone would have taken the time to contact you back. I’m the type of person that feels like customers need to be compensated for that type of inconvenience when it takes away from your day today to fix a problem that shouldn’t be happening all because the app or the website that was supposed to make your life easier has now made it doubly complicated simply because it’s not functioning the way it should. By compensating customers for these inconveniences it does two things keep your customers happy and it helps to ensure that you don’t continue to make mistakes. Take 10% off of this product to 20% off of this product or buy one of these and get one of these at Half Price or something like that. Those are little things that can keep the customers happy you still make money and the company walks away Having learned something valuable about their customer and the product. The first time I tried to purchase a w y z e thermostat my order was canceled because I ordered from the app. You know I was using it for what it was created for but for some reason it wasn’t working properly. I spoke to supervisor after supervisor after supervisor all of them telling me to hold off on purchasing until they figure out what wrong with it. In the meantime items that I want to purchase I’ve been sold out prices are going up on things and then there are the hours of chats and phone conversations and email Communications all of which is tedious at best. Having to maintain who said what because they’re unable to keep track of Records having to repeat the same story over and over again if that’s not inconvenient I don’t know what it is. They should compensate their customers for these kinds of snafus offer I’m sorry discounts or something like that. So the prices of everything go up and thank God they had the sales are out of been paying full price for cameras. Sorry for the rant I hope it makes a little more sense to you though. Sorry for all the run-on sentences I talk text this entire conversation.

I totally agree with a “plea for customer service” I ordered a vacuum and finally canceled it because I was having to wait to contact customer support, order not showing up on my account, unable to reset my password to my account. I finally got hold of a customer support today to cancel it.

I think having a big “front end” with top of the line marketing does not even have an ok backend customer service is ashamed. Sonner or later consumer will find out.

Wyze will have to prove to me before even considering buying in the future.


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It is just NOT going to happen. People either order their inexpensive products and deal with the delays, or look elsewhere. I for one have been a backer from day one but I will no longer be buying from Wyze going forward. They do NOT CARE about customer service. They make their money based on volume. Think about that for a minute.