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I have been trying to resolve a none working camera since the beginning of March. The support, if you can call it support, has been nothing short of ridiculous. My camera stopped working, I’ve done all the suggested troubleshooting and fixes, and yet the camera still does not work. So since it is under warranty I requested a repair or replacement. Sure they say! Send us proof of purchase, etc. I complied. The MAC address on the camera label has been smudged and it is impossible to make out the last few characters. I cannot access the camera on my app because as part of troubleshooting the camera was removed and now can’t be added back, so getting the device information is impossible. So the brilliant set of customer service folks that are emailing me back and forth cannot get this through their heads. I am beyond fed up and mad. I have bought your product, I have believed that you would back your warranty. You have failed. Miserably. If sending you a copy of my purchase receipt isn’t proof enough that I bought your product then what is? Why are you getting so hung up on the MAC? Send me a prepaid shipping label, I’ll send this piece of junk to you and in turn you can either refund my purchase price or replace the unit. If you really want to stay alive in this industry you are gonna need to invest in a staff that cares and knows what they are doing. I can’t help but think that the company strategy is to ignore these issues and hope they go away. Either way, I have nothing positive to say about tech support/customer service. I cannot even get a manager involved. Any suggestions out there?

Welcome to the Wyze community @goldendogs3!
I’m sorry about this experience!
This is primarily a user forum, it’s not constantly monitored by Wyze support. I would suggest calling support, sometimes you can get a better response. If the phone is busy, try calling later in the day.
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Also, do you have a support ticket number?


Hi @goldendogs3 - Sorry you are having this issue. @Brlepage’s suggestion about phone contact is excellent. I’ve had the same experience with better results that way.

However I have run this up the ladder to see if we can get an official response.


Thanks for your kind response. I used the forum because I was at loss as to what to do in order to get help.

My ticket is1142271

Hi @goldendogs3 See the problem, they want MAC and if I knew the model nbr could give you the 1st 3 octets but if the last 3 are missing that is a problem!

If the camera is not completely dead and boots it may request an IP address from your router’s DHCP server and reveal the MAC address in your router log.

I’d send Wyze Support a picture of the smudged address and hope @Brlepage and @tomp can escalate ticket [1142271].

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll check my router logs, which thankfully I have the knowledge to be able to do. I really think that is something THEY should be doing upon receipt of my camera, they should be doing that kind of troubleshooting.

I just checked and the camera doesn’t ever request an IP, so it is not booting to that level.

Any thoughts on why this is a problem as far as getting warranty service on this device? I mean this can’t be the first time this kind of issue has come up. I just don’t make a connection to this one piece of info holding them up from honoring their warranty. I could completely understand if I had no proof of purchase, etc.

Thanks again for your input!

Have no idea why the increased scrutiny on returns of late but ran into same thing myself. When Wyze determined there was a hardware failure they sent me a laundry list ot information required to process. :face_with_monocle:
Even at Starbucks, they occasionally request proof that it was purchased there, that day to get my free refill. They always seem to be out of those little green stoppers, too! :coffee:

While we are waiting for Wyze, what kind of camera & problem? Sounds like it was working to start with and then went belly up. :man_shrugging:

Ok the starbucks thing made me laugh!

I have the wyze cam v2 that just quit working. On inspection I noticed the light was solid yellow, so I did all the troubleshooting like rebooting, new power sources, etc. The camera will make a click noise on powering up but the solid yellow never changes, whereas a properly functioning camera will enter connection mode, the light blinks, you press setup, etc. That does not happen. I’ve flashed firmware version after version after version per their requests. It’s not like this is a super expensive piece of equipment but I paid money for it and they state a warranty of 1 year so I am holding them to that promise.

I bought a 2 pk, they have worked fine until one of them stopped working about 2 months ago-yep that’s how long I’ve been trying to get a solution from wyze. At one point one of the tech support folks informed me that my actual Home Depot receipt wasn’t proof enough!! And told me to take it back to them for help. Home Depot would have laughed me out the door had I shown up with a 9 month old purchase asking them to make it right…

It’s really irritating in that they just keep going on and on with the same loop of information. It is likely that they are not even actually reading my replies in detail because their replies are just repeats of previous ideas to fix the camera.

I just got through going over the dhcp IP assignments for my network, I can see all of my connected equipment, but not this one camera. I’ve cycled it several times in hopes of picking up this info.

The MAC address should not be a block in the way of taking care of a faulty camera. I would think they could take this camera to the tech shop and someone who builds these can “find” the mac. If they cannot do this then I believe they need to get out of the technology field!

The V2 are fairly reliable, too bad you got a dud. I can see were Wyze might be hesitant cuz you bought it at Home Depot and Wyze doesn’t have their own record of your purchase.
You can wait and see what @tomp can do re: official response.

Personally I’d pack the V2 up real nice and take it back to ome Depot with your receipt. Turn around if it looks like the CS person is in a bad mood. HD will take almost anything back even if its outside of their generous return policy.

I’ve taken an appliance back few months before the warranty expired w/o a receipt and HD found the Credit Card purchase (5 yrs ago) in their computer and gave me store credit. I upgraded for a few bucks more and they loaded the new one in my truck.

I’ve taken plumbing parts back after the year limit, HD read the bar code, gave me store credit w/a nice smile. :slightly_smiling_face:
Have your receipt ready and the product bar code facing up, smile, if all she has to do is scan x2 and give you credit then Bob is your uncle and everyone is happy. No one wants to waste time arguing, hey its worth a shot. :+1:

Am I correct that you never get “Ready to connect” when you try setup? If that’s the case, the camera never gets far enough to request a DHCP address since it doesn’t connect to your WiFi. That takes place later in setup when you configure the camera to connect to your router.

Yes that is correct.

Please forgive me if I ask a stupid question…when the camera is connected to power, did support have you try pressing the setup button on the bottom of the camera? It can sometimes be difficult to press fully to activate the setup process and may require a small screwdriver or other tool to fully depress it.

Oh yeah. We’ve all but stood on our heads and whistled to get the thing to magically work again.

There are 2 other ways to get the MAC ID of your cam:

Use your phone camera and scan the QR code under the base of the cam.

Use your phone camera and scan the QR code on the back of the product packaging.

The MAC ID for a v2 cam is the 1st set of numbers to the left of the 1st pipe symbol (“|”) in your scan result.


THANK YOU!!! The QR Code on the camera sticker was too smudged to read/scan, however I located my box and sure enough that QR code scanned and now I have the faulty camera’s MAC address.

wyze customer support- if you’re listening- you should have KNOWN THIS

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You’re welcome and I hope your problem is taken care of to your satisfaction. :+1:

I’ll pass this up to Wyze to hopefully get this disseminated down to Customer Support.

Thanks @Seapup didn’t know about what was in the QR on box. :+1:
Learn something new every day!


No prob. The position of the MAC varies depending on product type and quantity in package, but there is a convention embedded in the QR for all Wyze WiFi & Ethernet products.


They have no regards for there direct customer it seems. Get better service and also BACK ORDERED stuff at Home Depot. WTF