Another comment on Wyze support - GREAT

I read about a lot of problems on here with Wyze support taking a long time.
I bought 7 cameras on 7 May and they probably took a week to get here. Most of them I opened quickly and used with SD cards. But one I opened just recently and had been using it as a back up cam for my truck and my trailer. Then I decided to pop an SD card in it and it had the SD card not recognized problem.
It’s MAC was not recognized in the eligibility range but I tried cards that had been working in other V2’s.
On the 18th of August I filed a support ticket with all the info. On the 19th I got an email asking for confirmation. On the 20th I got a shipping notice and today I checked and it is supposed to be home by Friday, the 21st of August.
So I’d just like to add some good info about Wyze support.


But did you get your super secret decoder ring? :grin:

Mine smells like Froot Loops.

Seriously that is very cool to hear, thanks very much for taking the time to share.