Thank you Wyze..I have not disappeared completely

I rarely post now, the reason being I have 3 cameras and have not had any problems. Just ordered and received the WyzeSense, again, no problems.

Just wanted to say thanks!


Iā€™m in the same satisfied boat as the previous poster. I started with two of the V2 cameras and had some initial problems related mainly to the installed sd cards. Worked that problem out with the Wyze folks and had no further problems. However, about two weeks ago my PanCam went on the blink. The yellow light would not go. I contacted Wyze through the normal channels and I had a new PanCam within a week for warranty. Meanwhile I had purchased another PanCam through Amazon so now I have four cameras running.

With respect to the sd cards, I note that the card sold here has a Class 10 designation. Is that relevant to getting a good card? Anyway, thanks for the great service and products.