Great Cameras With Some Unrelated Issues

This was also posted on the Home Depot web site:

After 2 years I love my V2 and V3 Wyze Cameras! Every owner should however be aware of these possible issues:

  1. Do not use cheap no-name micro sd cards. The camera will stop working at some point (yes all) and you will blame the cameras. After switching to Sandisk cards no more issues!

  2. My CenturyLink 2.4G DSL service (and my V3 cameras) stopped working and required that my CenturyLink/Zyxel router/modem be reset to its default settings. No changes, just resets!

Hopefully you can address these issues faster and with less trouble than I did!

Good luck!

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###s Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @debandal!

Thanks for the post! I also started my Wyze journey long ago with the cheapest MicroSD cards I could find. And they all failed within 6 months. Today, I only recommend High Endurance cards from a reputable retailer. Even with Name Brand, and even on Amazon, it is possible to get knock off imposter microSD cards that aren’t the quality or capacity they should be.

The other recommendation I make is for users to ditch the ISP supplied routers and invest in a quality mesh router that they can configure themselves. It also makes it scalable for future bandwith upgrades if they decide to drop fiber or if you go nuts and add 100 devices to the network.

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That is the reason I buy SD cards from brick and mortar stores like BestBuy. The price difference is minimal in my opinion and well worth it. I’ve had a good results with Kingston Class 10 (non HighEndurance). Not promoting them in any way, just saying they’ve been working for me for few years on my dash cam and almost a year on my v3 cams.

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