Please subdivide the community! It is becoming unmanageable

The “Ask the Community” section has become FULL. With the plethora of Wyze offerings it has become very time consuming for me (and I’m sure others) to scan for issues pertinent to our interests.
I come to this forum to discuss cameras and see what’s new.
I should be able to treat it like a hardware store, Wander in and go to the plumbing section section to browse for items I need to fix my leaky toilet. I shouldn’t have to go up and down every aisle to find stuff.

Instead there are generally about 100 new items each day I need to read thread titles about in order to decide if they are relevant and it has become a waste of time.

And it’s even worse during the time period when a new product first starts getting delivered! For example, when the pre-orders of the thermostat started arriving to customers, “new posts” would show like 50 -100 new posts every day, many the same questions over and over again. Same with the robot vacuum.

It might be nice to have an ignore filter so that I could, for example click that I don’t want to see posts about vacuums, bands, watches, and scales that I have no interest in at all.

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That might work also.

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Please, this. Trying to find thermostat posts to help people with their wiring is tedious.

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why the HE double hockey sticks did this get marked as “solution”?

no idea, did you click the thing that says “mark as solution” by accident?


this has been dually noted and is currently something being looked into. your analogy with the hardware store is pretty darn close to what has been floated around in our idea pool. I can’t give you a timeline on any possible implementation or framework currently for what it might look like other than to say you have come to pretty much the same conclusions and ideas the mavens and mods have ( well played!)

hopefully more to come on that in the near future!

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