Wyze Cam v1 and Wyze Cam Pan MicroSD Card Problems

I have been negative on this and other forums about WYZE for months now. The products are not doing what they advertised and WYZE won’t stop throwing more resources at new products and ignoring the issues their existing customers are having.

Again I had to notify WYZE of the issues being posted on their forum. They had me collect and send them logs and video of the issues and I never heard back from WYZE.

I will not be purchasing anymore products, I’m just on this forum trying to get my others products to work as advertised.

If someone has a problem with me being negative after throwing away $320 and simply wanting my products to work can get over the power trip they are on.

Everyone that is having issues, remember there is another WYZE forum on FaceBook that WYZE can’t control and silence like they are trying to do here.


Very well said Nick. I appreciate that I’m not the only one who sees what’s going on and voicing my opinion. Everyone wants everything to be butterflies and roses

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I warn you be careful. People will start complaining about you and you’ll get a red flag warning that the moderators will start taking action against you if you continue to be negative. I say this from experience. But as you can see it hasn’t stopped me. Because they haven’t changed.

Edit: thanks Nick I think I’ll start posting on the Wyze core page also. Like you said they have less control of there.

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I apologize for apparently miscommunicating in the mod warning. When I said that people were becoming frustrated by you posting similar content in a bunch of areas, it was about the content being similar and thus not making people feel as if new contributions were being made for the forum. The word “negativity” was not included in the messaging. There was also a bit about how you’ve been more aggressive to other community members including volunteers. Words such as “negativity”, “tone”, or anything else in that vein were not included in the message (I went back and verified). As requested, please keep your content fresh and be kind to your fellow community members.

@nickso, we are sorry to hear about your microSD card difficulty. From our end, when we run into a situation that we have a workaround for but no solution yet, we will usually offer the workaround so that people have an option while we continue to try to sort out the solution. Some issues are easier and more quick to resolve than others and we would rather people have something they can do to improve their experience during that time.

Sorry I miss confused the word negative and aggressive my apologies. And I post in different threads because people don’t read every single thread. So someone might see something in one thread and not read another thread and have no idea what I just said. But I like his idea of going to the core Facebook page where everyone sees it. By the way I thought you had weekends off? Or do you just say that when you want us to feel bad that you answered our questions on the weekend? Just kidding don’t get all worked up

And did you address the individual who private messaged me because he’s not changed his behavior. So if you have it didn’t do anything. And if you haven’t then it shows that you’re willing to work on weekends to address me but not other people.

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Spend the dev time on fixing the micro SD card issue instead of adding trash mode. Maybe that’s a thought. Because from the sounds of it not that many people have been able to get trash mode to work or like trash mode. Again let’s admit the trash mode was a pet project like the scale was.

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Please review the “Keep It Tidy” section of our community guidelines here.

I do have weekends off. Though I’m on call at all times for community management to make sure things continue to run smoothly when possible.

Has that individual privately messaged you or made an inquiry about your health since I messaged them last night? I received an acknowledgement that they had crossed the line.

The devs working on our products are different. Devs working on microSD card issues are not the same devs that work on implementing trash mode. I have been sharing feedback with the team that trash mode needs some adjustment. As for the pet project idea, this is something we implemented after the idea came to us and checking on market desirability. The scale was also a product we launched based on market research. If we were wrong about either, time will tell and we’ll know to approach things differently.

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Where is the market research done? Because we have a wish list here and trash mode and scale are very very low on the wish list of the community. (If they were even on the wish list ) So I would think Wyze would want to please your core community but I could be wrong.

Frustrated by who?? Me??
If my true comments are going to be censored then this forum is censoring to the needs of WYZE, not their customers. I understand this is a WYZE forum and they can do anything they want, but when a moderator seems to support WYZE more then customers… well that is a clean sign of where this company is going.

I’m expressing my frustration from spending my hard earned money and I have brought up multiple issues I have to let Wyze know and when WYZE does not respond for months I changed my tone on this forum to warn customers.

I’m not going to stop posting my opinion on this board just so WYZE can save some face.


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I’m sorry, the first part was a direct reply to paindonthurt and the part where I started with your username was when I switched who I was talking to. I apologize for not being more clear.

I’m not seeing any edits on your posts in here. Did something happen somewhere else?

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Clearly you have not read my other posts.

  • V1’s and PanCams eating my mSD cards. (Not recording in continuous mode)
  • My 4 PanCams get stuck and locked on my ceiling fan for hours, this is clearly a major issue even though my ceiling fan is outside of the cameras Detection Zones.
  • Person tracking still lacks any accuracy.
  • I spent my time collecting logs and sending in videos of the horrible tracking months ago and I still have to receive a call or email.

I have spend hours on these and other forums looking for an answer. I mainly see other disappointed customers.

I used to tell everyone I knew to purchase these wonderful cameras, now I am apologizing to them and warning everyone I know and on many other forums to stay away from all WYZE products.


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Once again well said Nick

You were wrong the core community is a lot of fun. I’m finding a lot of people who tend to agree with me there. These are my peeps.

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I’m already copying my posts from here to FaceBook.

New customers need all the facts.

When a company does me wrong, does not call or follow up and I spend more time of my issues then they are… well I get serious.

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Thanks for the summary, @nickso!

I’ll approach these topics in order.

  1. How often is this happening to your microSD cards? What kind of cards were you using? Do you have a ticket from the last couple of weeks that I could draw attention to? How were you sending them in?

  2. The motion detection zone does not prevent motion tracking if you have both turned on. I will share this feedback with the team but the motion tracking works outside of the motion detection zone so that the camera will follow movement even when it leaves the zone (such as a person walking by). A moving fan is still movement and we would likely need another feature to exclude something like that.

  3. We are working on person detection accuracy now.

  4. Are you using the beta app by any chance?

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I am glad to hear that you are enjoying Core more since when you originally left. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can be more honest there. And like you said you don’t have the same abilities to delete comments and stuff there that you do here. Facebook has their own rules so I can give my opinion there and have fun with it.

We actually do have the ability to delete comments there. We just don’t have the ability to edit them to maintain the guidelines but keep the content of the post that is within them. In Facebook, it’s the option to either delete the comment entirely or leave it entirely. That’s why deleted content is more common in that platform.

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That is a great idea. It just shows that nothing is happening here on the forums. You’re not getting any answers or any help. I just posted on FB and one guy said he’s been complaining for six months and got no help. So I don’t really think they’re paying attention to the Facebook page either but that’s Wyze for ya. If you ignore it it will go away.

Like one poster put it and I think you can’t put it in any better terms:

“It’s like a college freshman biz class fumbling their way along without enough Mgmt training yet to set the bus in the right direction.”